Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick and Spring!!

Well, I have really wanted to blog more but I have been busy and then on top of that I have not felt too good since last thursday because of my allergies!!  I finally went to the doctor today to get some medicine and a shot....hope to start feeling better soon.  Anywho, we have been busy lately with working, playing, cleaning, and errands.  Spring is here and so has been the rain and storms, we had some more hail on sunday but nothing to where it did any damage.  We finally got our fence fixed and not we are just waiting on the check to get our roof done.  I will be so happy when we get everything fixed and done!! I still do not have my car back, they said hopefully the middle of next week!! Woohoo!! I will be sooooo glad to have it back.  I got another rental car because the other one had a tire that was getting low all the time so the last thing I needed was a flat tire.  I now have a Jeep Patriot that has no power locks or windows!! I did not even know they still made cars this way!! It is such a pain because I have to remember to lock all the doors and to unlock the others!!

Last Saturday I helped my friend Justine and her mom set up flowers for a wedding and it was sooo much fun!! I used to help my sister in law shoot photos at weddings and always had a great time so it was fun to get to do something like that again.  Justine's mom owns her own floral business in Addison, Tx so if you need flowers for your wedding she is the one to go too!! She does awesome!! She has done some arrangements for me for my baby shower and Matt has also gotten me flowers from her before.  She also has a facebook page so go check her out at Fluers De France Floral.  While I was helping I also took some pictures for her because she was wanting some pictures to show her work, we did forget to take pictures of the bridal bouquet before she took them to the bride so I did some of the decorations and her toss bouquet.  This was awesome because I also got to practice taking pictures.  I did have a hard time since the room was dark and then I had trouble outside because the flowers were white and it was bright outside.   At least I am learning and I get to practice!! Here are some of the pictures.

The cake was plain so she added orchids and other color

The top of the cake

Finished cake!! The flowers made the cake!

I am getting excited because school is almost out!! Woohoo!! Matt watches Bray during the summer so we do not have to pay daycare which is great for us to save money.  It also gives them time together since when school starts they barely see each other because of Matt's football schedule.  Bray loves his daddie time, he was all Matt's on Sunday and did not want anything to do with me.  Here are some cute pictures Matt took of Bray during his Easter Egg hunt in our subdivision.  

He is growing up so fast!! I look at him and remember when he was just born and I miss my little baby! I do not like his temper and his fits that he throws...lol. I know it is all a part of him growing up but I wish he could stay little forever!! Well I better get going so I can look up some birthday stuff for his party, July will be here before I know it!

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