Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At home sick today...

So I thought that I was going to feel like a new person this morning since I went to the doctor yesterday but that was not the case...I woke up feeling like I had spaghetti for legs, had a major headache, and had the chills and sweats.  Needless to say I ended up staying home and I laid on the couch ALL day!! You know I do not feel good when I do that, normally I would clean or do laundry and none of that was done today.  I slept in, watched some TV and surfed the internet...that is pretty much it except getting up to eat and use the bathroom.  LAZY!! 

 I am sooooo lucky to have a daycare that Bray likes loves and that is so understanding.  Since I missed a whole day of work today they are letting him come in for the morning on Friday so that I can make up some hours for work.  I love that they are flexible and let us bring him if we are in a pinch.  For example if it is a day that he normally does not go and for some reason we need him too they always let him come in.  I definitely do not mind paying the extra for him when it is needed, at least we always have that option.  I also love the fact that he has such a good time their and loves all of his teachers.  It makes feel good to know that he is in such good hands while I am at work.  

So last night we went outside since Bray kept insisting for all of us to go outside here are some cute pictures of him in his new Mickey Mouse Hot Dog onesie that his Grandma gave him.  I actually had something else picked out for him to wear but he refused to wear it and wanted to wear his Hot Dog onesie. He also did that on Monday when Grammie was watching him, he insisted on wearing his Hot Dog pj's all day after his bath.  He is such a silly boy with wanting to pick out his shoes and clothes and he is not even 2 yet!! We have our hands full!! 

He loves to say cheese and smile
at the camera!! 

Playing with Zoie, he loves her!

If you look close enough you can see the water dropping
where his hand is.

This is Tuffy!! He does not exactly like Bray.

Daddie and Bray being silly!

Here are some more pictures from Easter and when he helped Daddie mow the grass. Sorry for all of the pictures but hey I gotta practice and show off my family!!
Please excuse the background, the fence was not put up yet
so those are the neighbors backyards after the storm.
Cheesin for the camera!

He had a blast coloring eggs.

Here are the finished ones!!

 I guess I will stop for tonight with all the pictures. Gotta get going to bed because I have a long day tomorrow!! I cannot wait for this weekend!! It is Mother's Day and I have the whole weekend with my boys!

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