Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!!

We had a great/busy weekend.  I had the idea of driving to Big Spring this weekend for a mini trip.  We decided it would be a great idea even though we would only be there 1 full day.  We left about 2pm on saturday since I had to work in the morning and we got there about 7pm.  Bray did great in the car (thank you to whom ever invented portable DVD players!), he did not even take a nap the whole trip and he talked a lot!!  He was so excited to see Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Jeff that he was showing off at Taco Villa while we were eating.  He was talking to loud that everyone was staring at us....but who cares he is too cute any way so no one was upset.  The only thing that bothered me was this guy that was eating there with his Aunt or some lady, they were talking so freaking loud that I could hear everything they were talking about and some stuff was stupid and other was inappropriate...then all of a sudden he lets out this loud burp and does not even say excuse me!! This took me by surprise but then he did it like 3 more times. Really?? I mean yes everyone burps but so loud it echoed??  How could someone be so disgusting?? It took all I had to not say anything to him.  I guess that goes to show that some people could care less.

Anywho...after eating we went to Grandma and Grandpas to unload our stuff and get out of the car.  Bray ended up staying up pretty late even though he had no nap on Saturday.  He loved going out in the land to look at the water troughs they have out for the deer.  He made Uncle Jeff walk out there about a million times while we were there and he would always carry a piece of pvc pipe that he I guess it was their protection.  He also loved playing with Uncle Jeff's two dogs that were there.  He put them in the back of his tractor and had Uncle Jeff push them around.  We also got to go see the cows, buffalo, horses, emu, and llamas again.  Bray loves to go see the animals and ever since spring break he calls every animal he sees uffalo (his way of saying buffalo).  He has no fear of any animal, the buffalo were so close this time that they literally walked right in front of us to get to the water.  He also got to pet our horse.  Yes I said "our" horse, only because I claimed him last time we were there.  Matt's Granddad bought some horses that had babies so I picked one and now I call it  I love horses and wish that I could have one here but I can't so that is the closest I can get...but hey I will take it.  We found out that it is a boy so now I have to come up with a name.  He is so cute, he has 4 white socks, light brown and a white star on his face.  They are being kept at the barn to make sure they are getting enough to eat since they are in a major drought there so I was able to go in the pin with them and he was letting me pet him.  His mom was a little protective but I was able to pet her too.  I got some cute pictures but I wish I would have been able to get more. I had my zoom lens on and was not able to get far enough away to get all of them in the picture and it was so windy and dusty that I did not want to change my lens.

After seeing all of the animals we went back home to get ready for the day and just hang out.  Of course Bray wanted to be outside most of the day with Uncle Jeff.  Matt and I went to town while Bray was napping so that we could fill up my car and  go into Hibbett Sports to check out the shoes.  Of course when we went they had the nike and adidas clothes 20% off so I got me some more nike running shorts. They are my new obsession, I have like 4 pairs and I wear them all time because they are so comfortable.  We also looked at the shoes because I have been wanting a pair for awhile but I have not been able to decide so I tried on some shoes...who would have thought that a size 9 in womens is also a size 7 in youth.  I found this out because they had a pair I wanted to try on but it was in the youth section and she said that I could wear a size 7 and sure enough I bought em!!!  I am so glad I know this because now I can save $$$$ on shoes!!!  OH and Matt bought the ugliest shoes ever!! They are like Nike's version of crocs but when he has them on they remind me of the mary jane shoes for girls/women so when I am looking at his feet I look up and expect to see a girl!! LOL!!!  I will have to post a picture with him in the shoes.  They make them in pink for women too but I do not see anyone wearing those!  Later in the day Matt's Aunt and Uncle came over with their Granddaughter who is 6 months old. She is so precious!! She makes me want a baby, but I cannot afford one, I do not think I have the patients right now since Bray is in the terrible 2's, and he would be so jealous.  I want to spoil him a little more before we have one.

So all in all we had a great trip even though it was short.  It is always great to spend time with family, especially when they do not live close.  Bray had a great time and it is cool to see him with his Uncle Jeff.  Oh and on a side note as of tomorrow I will have gone a week without soda!! It has been easier than I expected but I do still crave a soda here and there.  I am also trying not to drink as much caffeine hoping this will help my stomach and maybe help me lose some weight.

I will leave you with a couple pictures from this weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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