Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Weekend!

I had a fun weekend!! Saturday I did not have to work and my friend had a Thirty One party.  If you have not heard of them you should check them out!! I am going to have a catalog party and you can order online as well, when I get the link I will post it on my blog.  They have some of the cutest things!! You can get totes, purses, lunch totes, beach bags, cooler bogs, and I could go on and on.  The coolest thing is that you can get anything embroidered for just $6, no matter how much you want on it (as long as it will fit).  It is a fun way to get your girlfriends together and have a reason for a little party.  I am going to get a cute purse and a utility tote when I have my party.  The utility totes are awesome!! My friend has one and she puts it in her car to store extra things such as extra diapers, wipes, blankets...You can also put groceries in there.  This june the special is spend over $30 (I think), and you can buy the tote for $10 (this is a great deal because it is normally $30).  The purse I am getting is like a big tote that you can use for a diaper bag/purse so you do not have to carry both when you are out and about.  Another cool thing is that they come in a lot of different patterns, that is neat because you have more choices.  Anywho after that we went to lunch ( we were so far behind in time and in a little rush I totally forgot to call my friend to meet us for lunch and I hope she is not mad at me, I felt so bad, Sorry Justine!!).  I was on my way to the party and my friend Kim texted me and said she had a flat tire so I picked her up on my way then we were a little late...We had to wait for some other people to get there so the party started later but we had such a great time!  Then after that we went to lunch but I did not want to keep Kim out long since she needed to get back to get her tire fixed.  So that totally through me off....It is always nice to have girls time and it not be at work (since I work with all girls, that does not  I need a day to hang out with my girlfriends without Bray, it gives me ME time which is nice.

After I got home I took a little nap since Bray went down for one too right as I was getting home.  We got up from our nap and went to the mall. Bray got some new shoes since his vans are dirty, they are his favorite shoes and he wants to wear them every day.  We also got a discount which was a plus!  We had our pretzels and did a little more shopping.  Today we slept in late since we got home so late last night, went grocery shopping, cleaned up the garage, and watched some TV.  Not a busy day but its nice to have a slow relaxing day.  Now its time to get to bed so I can rest up for the week!! Hoping this week I feel better than last.  Oh and I can't wait til summer when Matt is home!! woohoo!! 9 more school days!

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