Friday, January 28, 2011

Just yesterday....

I cannot believe that Bray will be 2 years old this year!!! Time flies by way too fast when they are babies,   it seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.  I remember that day so well! I woke up and took a pregnancy test and there was the faintest line on it.  I just kept staring at it and then I got so excited that I started crying.  I immediatley called my mom yelling there is a line on my test, I think I see a line!!!! Mom I think i'm pregnant!!!! She thought I was crazy and told me to calm down, she was excited but we both were not sure since the line was so faint.  Throughout the day I think I may have taken like 3 tests...all had a faint line so YES I was finally pregnant!!  I remember that was the longest day waiting for Matt to get home.  I had made a sign with a test taped to it and put it on the door of the room we had all of our "crap" in.  When he got home I asked if he could go get something out of the room and when he saw that he was very surprised.  I was hoping for a different reaction but he is not as emotional as I am, but I could tell he was excited.

My pregnancy was filled with complications, I had developed the worst vertigo ever which sent me to the emergency room on Thanksgiving day, I had horrible morning sickness that turned into hyperemesis, then I went into preterm labor which put me on bed rest.  I would do it all over again even though the thought of it scares me.  I had the most perfect delivery and recovery so I think that made up for the wild pregnancy that I had.  I now have the most beautiful little boy ever and he sure does keep me on my toes!! 

Here are some maternity pictures that I wanted to share that my sister in law took!

It is hard to see the sign but it says
"Brayden is in here"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New favorite song and how it relates to (my) life!

So...I just downloaded the new song by Pink, F**kin' Perfect (Sorry about the song title, but I like the clean version on the radio and she sings "less than perfect"), and I really like it!! It makes me think about how we may not be perfect in everyone's eyes but we are perfect in our own way.  We think too much about how society views us, we compare ourselves to everyone (models, actors, actresses, etc.), yet we are all different.

I have always had struggles in life dealing with certain issues that I believe everyone has struggled with at least once in their life.  Can anyone guess?? I have had trouble with my self image since high school, and to this day I still struggle.  I wish I could be happy with how I look but I find myself obsessed with what I look like and my weight.  Don't get me wrong, through the years I have learned to deal with it so it is not as bad as it used to be but I hate that it still affects my life.   Why can't I just wake up in the morning get dressed and like the way I look?  Why do I have to obsess about what I look like when I go to my husbands sporting events or see his co workers?? I think I care TOO much, I don't want them to think that I am fat and ugly?? Sound crazy?? Ya I think I do!!  I hope that since my self image has started to get better that I can overcome my issues one day but until then I try to take it one day at a time and realize I have a great life and family.  My life is more than the way I look, I am blessed to be here, have a great son, wonderful husband, great family and friends. Why dwell on that when others may have a harder life than I do.  I have to think of everything positive and not be so negative.  I have a job, some wake up every day wondering how to pay rent or how they are going to buy groceries.  Life is more than looks!!

I know others are going through or have gone through this before so I thought that I would put my thoughts out there.  Thank you if you took the time to read this, it means a lot and I am hoping this is one way to get it out and grow from it.

If you are interested here is her song, if you like it you can download it on Itunes, or Amazon: (It is the clean version, but be aware there may be a link to the real song and it may have the real title)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too much childrens artwork and no where to put it??

Do you have artwork from your child and have no where to put it?  My refrigerator was covered in all of Brayden's artwork that he had done at daycare and we finally had no more space for any more.  I had an idea from my sister in law of how she put up my nieces art work in their playroom.  I got some command strips/hooks for the wall ( I got clear but they sell white as well as silver)some twine and wooden clothes pins.  This made an awesome way to display his artwork in his playroom and to have enough room for more.  I only put it along one wall but I am going to make it go across two walls.  When it was done he was proud to see his artwork hanging in his playroom.  To add some color and have your child help you can paint the clothes pins to match the colors in their room or playroom!

Here are the pictures of his art work hanging in his playroom!

This is his messy playroom!! I am going to hang the other artwork
holder along the wall with the window.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here are some Photographs from Christmas!!

As I had mentioned, I am starting to get into photography so I thought I would post some pictures that I have taken recently.  My awesome husband bought me the new Nikon D 3100 for Christmas and I love it!! I am still very new to photograpghy even though I have assisted my sister in law with her photograpghy business.  She has taught me a lot and I have helped her shoot weddings and sittings, that is where I learned to love it!!  I am hoping she can teach me more because she is great at what she does and maybe some day I can do it for more than just a hobby.  

My little model!

I did not take this, (of course since I am in it), but this was Christmas Day.

Bray playing at a birthday party!!

Shoving his mouth full of cupcake! He ate the whole thing!

His first smoothie that mommie made!

He decided to get into the bathtub with his pajamas on!

This is Tuffy and Zoie, my puppies!! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

A little background on my family!

I will start out with a little more about me.   I work part time for a veterinary hospital as a veterinary technician, I love what I do but sometimes it can be hard and emotional.  I have two shih tzus named Tuffy and Zoie, (Matt and I got them when we were first dating), they are a handful now since having my son but I still love them!  I enjoy photography (just starting out), shopping, reading, working out, I enjoy watching too much, spending time with my husband, wow I could go on but I think I will stop there...

My son Brayden just turned 18 months old on monday!!  He attends daycare the days that I work so when I am off we get to spend quality time together which is great!!!  His daycare is awesome and I can tell that he loves it there, some days he does not want to leave because he is having so much fun.  Anywho, I cannot believe how time flies!  I feel like it was yesterday that he just learned how to roll over, now he is running around the house throwing fits when he wants a snack or wants to watch "hot dog" AKA Mickey Mouse.  He is a joy and a handful.

Matt, my husband of almost 4 years, is a coach at the middle school level.  He loves his job and I am glad that he loves it, especially since it take A LOT of his time!!  I love him so I support what he does, but wow, I had no clue what I was in for until it all  It is very hard for me at the start of the school year with football season, he is never home.  He is gone before Brayden gets up and is home after he gets to sleep.  The only good thing about his job is that he gets to spend the summer with Brayden which gives them quality time together!!

This is us in a nutshell!! I can't wait to share my life, ideas, thoughts, and experiences with everyone!
                                                        Brayden's First Trip to the Zoo!!