Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too much childrens artwork and no where to put it??

Do you have artwork from your child and have no where to put it?  My refrigerator was covered in all of Brayden's artwork that he had done at daycare and we finally had no more space for any more.  I had an idea from my sister in law of how she put up my nieces art work in their playroom.  I got some command strips/hooks for the wall ( I got clear but they sell white as well as silver)some twine and wooden clothes pins.  This made an awesome way to display his artwork in his playroom and to have enough room for more.  I only put it along one wall but I am going to make it go across two walls.  When it was done he was proud to see his artwork hanging in his playroom.  To add some color and have your child help you can paint the clothes pins to match the colors in their room or playroom!

Here are the pictures of his art work hanging in his playroom!

This is his messy playroom!! I am going to hang the other artwork
holder along the wall with the window.


  1. Good idea!! I've also taken frames, spray painted them and put the favorites in the frames for their room or playroom!! It's fun memories like these I love to look at on a daily basis!!

  2. Hi Marcie! Thank you so much for your comment! So that I don't leave an entire email worth of comments on here, email me! lifeasacoacheswife@yahoo.com
    Can't wait to get to "know" you!! :)

  3. Hi Marcie, I found you from Channa's blog, but also noticed you follow a friend of mine's blog - The Johnsons! Small world! I too am a coach's wife. I'll add you to my list! :)