Sunday, April 20, 2014

I was THAT mom....and I am proud of it!

Have you ever been that mom that got onto other kids when they were not following rules and were about to hurt other children??  I was so that mom this past weekend at a minor league baseball game and I am not ashamed to admit it.

We took Bray to the bigger playground because he has been wanting to go but he has been too young (technically he is still too young but he will be 5 in a couple months...not a huge difference).  Now he is normally the kid at the playground that wants us to go play with him, not slide down the slide, and would rather just walk around than play.....but this time he was super excited and off he went to play!  Well....he tried too....It was like a circus in that place!  Children are suppose to be supervised by a parent but I can guarantee that was not happening!  They were also way under staffed to have that many kids playing in that area.  So all these kids were running around (not suppose to be running), climbing up slides (while kids were trying to slide down), hanging off slides, pushing kids, and jumping off slides.  When Bray finally got to the little slide he couldn't slide down because of course kids were climbing up, so I told them the slide is to slide down not to climb up....ok they listened and let the kids slide down.  Then this one kid (little brat!!) started climbing up again while other kids were trying to go down so this time I yelled at him!! It was funny because he said to me "your not my mom", then I said " well then where is your mom?!?!"....ya he ran away.  Then there was a huge kid jam up in the playground where the tallest slide is because kids were blocking it and it was crazy!! So the ONE playground supervisor, whom is about 70, has to climb up in the play area to control the kids and even then it was ridiculous.  Kids continued running around into each other, jumping off slides and climbing up.  It got so bad Matt had to physically remove a child that jumped and tried to climb up a spiral slide as another child was trying to slide down.  Now if you don't know me you wouldn't know how bad my anxiety gets and I don't deal well with situations like this because I tend to freak out a little...I mean who would let their children act like this....well obviously these parents (some that weren't there didn't know how they were acting)....I finally was pissed off and went to get someone in charge of the supervising of the playground.  I was directed to someone and had a talk with him telling him my concerns about how some child is going to get hurt and how crazy that play area had gotten and that it needs more supervision.  I was very nice to him and he understood my concerns.  I walked back to that area to get Matt and Bray because we were done playing there and before I knew it like 6 people come to that area and they got everyone off the play equipment and made the kids and the parents make a big circle. They then went over all the rules and let them resume playing with more supervision.  I felt bad for them having to stop everyone from playing but that made me feel good to know that he took my concerns seriously.  The only thing that I still wonder about is when that man was trying to get everything under control he was also talking into his walkie talkie so I know that he was trying to get some help and no one came over to help him.  I mean really....what kid is going to listen to an older person when they are that hyped up???  The only reason why I wonder is because I ran in to that man again that I had talked to and thanked him again for taking action and he said "thank you for telling me about it and I know we should have shut that down earlier" it seems like he knew it was that crazy but did not do anything about it.

Would you have done the same thing??  I feel good about what I did because someone was going to get hurt...there was already a child crying because of something that happened while he was up in the play area.  As a parent I would not want my child acting like these other children, I would be embarrassed....especially if Bray had hurt someone acting like that.  I want my child to follow the rules of the play area just as I did...I was there watching him unlike others that were not there....

We will definitely go back and let him play there but I hope they have it more staffed and under control.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life has been way too crazy.....

It has been way too long since my last post.  Life kind of got stressful and overwhelming, then I had a major change in my life.  I loved working at the vet but had a great opportunity to work closer to home and have an awesome schedule so I decided to change my job after being with the vet for almost 7 years.  I am now working at a hair salon close to home and I have known the owner for years.  It was the change I needed in my life to get rid of a lot of my daily stress and feel somewhat normal.  When I got to work I do not have to deal with drama which is awesome and I do not have the physical illnesses I suffered with from all the stress.  I work with a great group of ladies now and we all enjoy working together.

Matt is still not coaching but is always looking for a coaching job.  I am just glad all that crap is over with and the bad people at his school are no longer there.  He is actually appreciated by the staff and gets that acknowledgement.  He did get a job offer for last school year but even with coaching it was not enough money to be able to change jobs.  I do feel like this year could be the year he gets a new coaching job!! It is what he loves to do and I feel bad that he has not been able to do so for the past 2 years.

Brayden is getting so big and I can't believe he will be 5 this year!  Where has the time gone??  He loves playing with legos, cars, trucks, he loves to sing and dance, and still likes to snuggle.  Last year for his birthday we all took a trip to Disney World for a whole week with family and he had so much fun.  It was great to see him meet all his favorite characters and also get to spend time with family.  

I am hoping to post more often to help me with my anxiety and getting life in order.  I feel that we get so busy and have so much stuff I get overwhelmed then kind of have a freak out moment.  Posting helps me get my thoughts out there and makes me feel better.  I am reading a great book my mother gave me called "finding your happy" and I am already loving it!  I am hoping this can help me get more control and prioritize my life so I can stop having so much anxiety and just be happy and positive.  Don't get me wrong I love my life but tend to focus too much on the negative and material things and that has gotten me to worry too much and be overwhelmed with everything we have.  I need to have a major purge of the whole house.  Our house makes me have anxiety because we have too much stuff and do not always put everything away in the correct places so it get cluttered.  I understand having a 5 year old there are going to be toys everywhere but he has got to learn to pick up and if we are not doing it I can't expect him to.  Things have got to change!! felt great to get this all out and I hope to post a couple times a week.  Now that I typed that I hope it will keep me on track.  Now I am off to watch some videos for work and then read some more of my book.  Goodnight!