Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The House Was Delivered!!

We are so excited!!! Our house was delivered last week, but it still sits there in 3 pieces....They were suppose to come out Monday but it was too wet, then they were suppose to be out today...still too wet, so they plan on coming tomorrow.  I hope they come otherwise we will be in the same predicament because it is suppose to start raining on Thursday night.  We got to sneak little peaks into the house through the windows and let me tell you I am most excited about my closet!!! It is going to be amazing to have our own space for our clothes and shoes.  We will have to go back in the closets and put an extra set of hanging bars because it only has one around the top....of course I will definitely need that extra hanging space.  We still have a ton of stuff that needs to be done before moving in but we are at least one big step closer by actually having the house on our land.  

Here are a few pictures of the house:
I am not really liking the grey color with the tan

Inside my closet!!

This is the backdoor leading into the eating area

We also finally finished painting my workout room!! The picture below is the dark pink that I used on one wall, the other walls are more of a lighter pink. I am really loving it! All we need to do is get the mats for the floor, hang up my TV, get my workout stuff in there, and add little things.  

This whole process has been super stressful and it is not easy to deal with.  Many times I wanted to just give up because having to deal with this company and other people along the way has been horrible....but I have to look at the end result and hopefully the very end of February or beginning of March we can finally start to move in!!! WOOHOO!! Until then I will shop for new house stuff and work on my fitness!! I just started Insanity Max 30 yesterday so I will be posting about that soon!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year!!!!!!

I cannot believe its already 2015!! Where does the time go??? Bray is half way through his kindergarten year and I remember like it was just yesterday he was running around in diapers and his papi.  I am really looking forward to this year because soon we will be in our house and we will be able to start making it a home!! It is super exciting to think about yet when I do I realize how much stuff we actually will need to done.  It will be an adventure but so worth everything we have been going through the past 5 months.

This year I decided to not have resolutions but to have goals for myself.  I feel like every time I make a resolution I never follow through...so this year it will be different.  Some of my goals include keeping up my workout routine, trying to eat better, growing my Beachbody business so that I can help others the way I have been helped, get a better daily life schedule going, and enjoy life more!!

The house is coming along and the barn is finally finished so I hope to post some progress photos later this week or next.

Have a great week and make some goals for this year!!

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