Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!!

We had a great/busy weekend.  I had the idea of driving to Big Spring this weekend for a mini trip.  We decided it would be a great idea even though we would only be there 1 full day.  We left about 2pm on saturday since I had to work in the morning and we got there about 7pm.  Bray did great in the car (thank you to whom ever invented portable DVD players!), he did not even take a nap the whole trip and he talked a lot!!  He was so excited to see Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Jeff that he was showing off at Taco Villa while we were eating.  He was talking to loud that everyone was staring at us....but who cares he is too cute any way so no one was upset.  The only thing that bothered me was this guy that was eating there with his Aunt or some lady, they were talking so freaking loud that I could hear everything they were talking about and some stuff was stupid and other was inappropriate...then all of a sudden he lets out this loud burp and does not even say excuse me!! This took me by surprise but then he did it like 3 more times. Really?? I mean yes everyone burps but so loud it echoed??  How could someone be so disgusting?? It took all I had to not say anything to him.  I guess that goes to show that some people could care less.

Anywho...after eating we went to Grandma and Grandpas to unload our stuff and get out of the car.  Bray ended up staying up pretty late even though he had no nap on Saturday.  He loved going out in the land to look at the water troughs they have out for the deer.  He made Uncle Jeff walk out there about a million times while we were there and he would always carry a piece of pvc pipe that he I guess it was their protection.  He also loved playing with Uncle Jeff's two dogs that were there.  He put them in the back of his tractor and had Uncle Jeff push them around.  We also got to go see the cows, buffalo, horses, emu, and llamas again.  Bray loves to go see the animals and ever since spring break he calls every animal he sees uffalo (his way of saying buffalo).  He has no fear of any animal, the buffalo were so close this time that they literally walked right in front of us to get to the water.  He also got to pet our horse.  Yes I said "our" horse, only because I claimed him last time we were there.  Matt's Granddad bought some horses that had babies so I picked one and now I call it  I love horses and wish that I could have one here but I can't so that is the closest I can get...but hey I will take it.  We found out that it is a boy so now I have to come up with a name.  He is so cute, he has 4 white socks, light brown and a white star on his face.  They are being kept at the barn to make sure they are getting enough to eat since they are in a major drought there so I was able to go in the pin with them and he was letting me pet him.  His mom was a little protective but I was able to pet her too.  I got some cute pictures but I wish I would have been able to get more. I had my zoom lens on and was not able to get far enough away to get all of them in the picture and it was so windy and dusty that I did not want to change my lens.

After seeing all of the animals we went back home to get ready for the day and just hang out.  Of course Bray wanted to be outside most of the day with Uncle Jeff.  Matt and I went to town while Bray was napping so that we could fill up my car and  go into Hibbett Sports to check out the shoes.  Of course when we went they had the nike and adidas clothes 20% off so I got me some more nike running shorts. They are my new obsession, I have like 4 pairs and I wear them all time because they are so comfortable.  We also looked at the shoes because I have been wanting a pair for awhile but I have not been able to decide so I tried on some shoes...who would have thought that a size 9 in womens is also a size 7 in youth.  I found this out because they had a pair I wanted to try on but it was in the youth section and she said that I could wear a size 7 and sure enough I bought em!!!  I am so glad I know this because now I can save $$$$ on shoes!!!  OH and Matt bought the ugliest shoes ever!! They are like Nike's version of crocs but when he has them on they remind me of the mary jane shoes for girls/women so when I am looking at his feet I look up and expect to see a girl!! LOL!!!  I will have to post a picture with him in the shoes.  They make them in pink for women too but I do not see anyone wearing those!  Later in the day Matt's Aunt and Uncle came over with their Granddaughter who is 6 months old. She is so precious!! She makes me want a baby, but I cannot afford one, I do not think I have the patients right now since Bray is in the terrible 2's, and he would be so jealous.  I want to spoil him a little more before we have one.

So all in all we had a great trip even though it was short.  It is always great to spend time with family, especially when they do not live close.  Bray had a great time and it is cool to see him with his Uncle Jeff.  Oh and on a side note as of tomorrow I will have gone a week without soda!! It has been easier than I expected but I do still crave a soda here and there.  I am also trying not to drink as much caffeine hoping this will help my stomach and maybe help me lose some weight.

I will leave you with a couple pictures from this weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Weekend!

I had a fun weekend!! Saturday I did not have to work and my friend had a Thirty One party.  If you have not heard of them you should check them out!! I am going to have a catalog party and you can order online as well, when I get the link I will post it on my blog.  They have some of the cutest things!! You can get totes, purses, lunch totes, beach bags, cooler bogs, and I could go on and on.  The coolest thing is that you can get anything embroidered for just $6, no matter how much you want on it (as long as it will fit).  It is a fun way to get your girlfriends together and have a reason for a little party.  I am going to get a cute purse and a utility tote when I have my party.  The utility totes are awesome!! My friend has one and she puts it in her car to store extra things such as extra diapers, wipes, blankets...You can also put groceries in there.  This june the special is spend over $30 (I think), and you can buy the tote for $10 (this is a great deal because it is normally $30).  The purse I am getting is like a big tote that you can use for a diaper bag/purse so you do not have to carry both when you are out and about.  Another cool thing is that they come in a lot of different patterns, that is neat because you have more choices.  Anywho after that we went to lunch ( we were so far behind in time and in a little rush I totally forgot to call my friend to meet us for lunch and I hope she is not mad at me, I felt so bad, Sorry Justine!!).  I was on my way to the party and my friend Kim texted me and said she had a flat tire so I picked her up on my way then we were a little late...We had to wait for some other people to get there so the party started later but we had such a great time!  Then after that we went to lunch but I did not want to keep Kim out long since she needed to get back to get her tire fixed.  So that totally through me off....It is always nice to have girls time and it not be at work (since I work with all girls, that does not  I need a day to hang out with my girlfriends without Bray, it gives me ME time which is nice.

After I got home I took a little nap since Bray went down for one too right as I was getting home.  We got up from our nap and went to the mall. Bray got some new shoes since his vans are dirty, they are his favorite shoes and he wants to wear them every day.  We also got a discount which was a plus!  We had our pretzels and did a little more shopping.  Today we slept in late since we got home so late last night, went grocery shopping, cleaned up the garage, and watched some TV.  Not a busy day but its nice to have a slow relaxing day.  Now its time to get to bed so I can rest up for the week!! Hoping this week I feel better than last.  Oh and I can't wait til summer when Matt is home!! woohoo!! 9 more school days!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

4 Years ago...

I cannot believe it will be 4 years this year that Matt and I have been married, and 4 years that my father has been gone.  2007 was the most excited year, yet it was the worst.  I still remember the day that my mother and my brother came to my apartment to tell me my father had passed away.  It was a saturday and I had just got off work and Matt and I were suppose to be going out to get our colored m&m's for our wedding favors.  Matt said that my mom was going to come over and when she got there I knew something was wrong because my brother was with her and he lived in Austin and was not suppose to be in town.  At first I thought my grandma or grandpa had passed away but to my surprise it was my father.  I remember crying and freaking out, why was this happening??? Right before my wedding and the week before my bridal shower.  Why was he gone?? Why now??  I do not want to get too into depth but he unfortunately decided to take his own life.  WOW!! That was the hardest thing to deal with and understand.  Lots of things happened through out the years and I guess he could not take it anymore.  How could he be so selfish to make everyone suffer and wonder??  We will never know which to this day still upsets me...Brayden does not get to know his PaPa, all he gets to see are pictures and hear the stories.  He already knows his picture and can say PaPa, he then says "Papa bye bye".  It breaks my heart.  My dad and I were not close when he passed which also made it harder.  He had moved out of state and things happened through out the years that strained our relationship but he was still my dad.  As the years go by it gets a little easier but deep down it is still there and it still happened.  I just cannot believe it has been 4 years.

On a good note I have been married to Matt for 4 years on June 2 and it has been wonderful.  We have our ups and downs, and our bumps but we always manage and that is how life is.  We grow every day and learn more and more about each other.  Since having Brayden our love has grown stronger.  He is my best friend!! Love you Matt!!
Our wedding June 2, 2007

30 weeks Pregnant with Brayden

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo!

This weekend we were pretty busy and on Sunday we took Bray to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was his first time going there and we had not been there in a long time.  I love that zoo!! Bray had such a good time, he is really into animals now so it was perfect timing to take him.  His favorites were the monkey's, gorilla, and the electronic  They had dinosaurs all through out the zoo and he loved everyone of them.  I thought he was going to be scared of them because there were big and they also made noises, his favorite one was T-Rex.  We stayed there for about 10 minutes so he could look at it and listen to the sounds.  Here are some pictures from the zoo!

We all had a great time and loved the family time we had! We are going to do more stuff like this more often.  Hope everyone has a great week!! I am hoping to blog more soon!! 

Friday, May 13, 2011


Tonight we went to Matt's middle school soccer championship games and boy was it cold and windy.  Both the girls and the boys made it to the championship game but tonight only the boys won.  This is the second year in a row that the boys have won and this year they went undefeated!! Go Vikings!! Matt does not coach soccer but it is so awesome to his school/kids/coaches win!! Just thought I would share the good news!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Life is so complicated!! We encounter many bumps in the road that we have to move may be stressful but life goes on and you get past whatever may be happening.  Trust me when I say I have had my bumps and I know there will be many more but I always seem to get through.

My life has been like the movie Groundhogs Day, it is the same thing over and over again.  Don't get me wrong I love my life but it gets boring when its the same thing every week; work, off, work, work, off, grocery shop, go to the mall, clean...Matt had a great idea that we were going to take Bray to the zoo this weekend and that we are going to try to do something new/fun more often so we don't get burnt out.  I am excited about this because it gives us something to look forward too and I know that I need to get out and do more.  This summer we are going to go on more bike rides, swim, and have fun family time.  I get so used to doing the same thing over and over because that is how I like it because of my anxiety.  I have been able to control my anxiety but it is still there and it does effect me and what I do.  I do not get out much when I am alone with Bray because I have anxiety about being out alone with him and I also feel the need to always clean on my days off.  The whole cleaning thing has gotten a lot better since Bray is getting older, I used to clean the house all the time and feel like it always had to be clean.  Now that he is older and he makes a mess right after I clean I am not too bad about it.  I am getting better with my anxiety and I am ready to be able to get out more with Bray.

Anywho!! Bray is so excited to go to the zoo this weekend, if you mention it to him he throws his hands up  in the air and yells yay!!!! He is getting so big and understands so much now.  He is going to be obsessed with swimming this summer, he loves the water! We took him to swim on Sunday and even though it was cold he wanted to float in his Mickey Mouse floaty.  This means that I need to continue to workout and eat better since I will have to be in my swimsuit.

Well I am going to leave you with a video of one of my new favorite songs!! Also I hope to post some good pictures this weekend from the zoo!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At home sick today...

So I thought that I was going to feel like a new person this morning since I went to the doctor yesterday but that was not the case...I woke up feeling like I had spaghetti for legs, had a major headache, and had the chills and sweats.  Needless to say I ended up staying home and I laid on the couch ALL day!! You know I do not feel good when I do that, normally I would clean or do laundry and none of that was done today.  I slept in, watched some TV and surfed the internet...that is pretty much it except getting up to eat and use the bathroom.  LAZY!! 

 I am sooooo lucky to have a daycare that Bray likes loves and that is so understanding.  Since I missed a whole day of work today they are letting him come in for the morning on Friday so that I can make up some hours for work.  I love that they are flexible and let us bring him if we are in a pinch.  For example if it is a day that he normally does not go and for some reason we need him too they always let him come in.  I definitely do not mind paying the extra for him when it is needed, at least we always have that option.  I also love the fact that he has such a good time their and loves all of his teachers.  It makes feel good to know that he is in such good hands while I am at work.  

So last night we went outside since Bray kept insisting for all of us to go outside here are some cute pictures of him in his new Mickey Mouse Hot Dog onesie that his Grandma gave him.  I actually had something else picked out for him to wear but he refused to wear it and wanted to wear his Hot Dog onesie. He also did that on Monday when Grammie was watching him, he insisted on wearing his Hot Dog pj's all day after his bath.  He is such a silly boy with wanting to pick out his shoes and clothes and he is not even 2 yet!! We have our hands full!! 

He loves to say cheese and smile
at the camera!! 

Playing with Zoie, he loves her!

If you look close enough you can see the water dropping
where his hand is.

This is Tuffy!! He does not exactly like Bray.

Daddie and Bray being silly!

Here are some more pictures from Easter and when he helped Daddie mow the grass. Sorry for all of the pictures but hey I gotta practice and show off my family!!
Please excuse the background, the fence was not put up yet
so those are the neighbors backyards after the storm.
Cheesin for the camera!

He had a blast coloring eggs.

Here are the finished ones!!

 I guess I will stop for tonight with all the pictures. Gotta get going to bed because I have a long day tomorrow!! I cannot wait for this weekend!! It is Mother's Day and I have the whole weekend with my boys!