Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo!

This weekend we were pretty busy and on Sunday we took Bray to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was his first time going there and we had not been there in a long time.  I love that zoo!! Bray had such a good time, he is really into animals now so it was perfect timing to take him.  His favorites were the monkey's, gorilla, and the electronic dinosaurs...lol.  They had dinosaurs all through out the zoo and he loved everyone of them.  I thought he was going to be scared of them because there were big and they also made noises, his favorite one was T-Rex.  We stayed there for about 10 minutes so he could look at it and listen to the sounds.  Here are some pictures from the zoo!

We all had a great time and loved the family time we had! We are going to do more stuff like this more often.  Hope everyone has a great week!! I am hoping to blog more soon!! 

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