Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly boys and their shoes!

I have the two cutest boys ever!! Matt has been wanting a pair of checkered Vans slip on shoes because he used to wear them when he was younger, and he also wanted to get a pair for Bray.  Well this weekend they both got their shoes and they look soooo cute!! Bray loves his new "shoo shoes" and he wore them almost all day today.  Here is a picture of Daddie and Bray's new shoes!

Bray has been pretty good lately with only a few tantrums (knock on wood), and he has been so funny lately.  I have been practicing with my camera since I just got a new flash and every time I get it out he either makes a really funny face or he just stands there and says "CHEESE"!!  But once he is done with pictures, he is done because he starts running around the house.  Some day he might let me take some good pictures are some from today and the other day.  Note that the one picture with his hair all spiked is the day he did his own hair (I did help a little), but he is starting to be more independent so I figured since we were staying at home that I would let him do whatever he wanted to his hair.  He loved it by they way!! lol!!!
I styled my own hair!!


Helping Daddie in the garage

Crawling away from Mommie!

This weekend was a fun weekend, we got to spend some good family time together.  It seems like we have been so busy and looking ahead it does not seem to slow down.  I did get some shopping done for some new shorts since last year I did not buy any since I could not find any to fit me ( I am really picky when it comes to shorts and how they look on me).  Old Navy has some really cute khaki shorts, that are not too short and some cute tank tops for summer. It is fun to shop when you can fit into clothes you try on.  I also got Bray some new clothes for the warmer weather and Old Navy also had some good deals on children's clothes last week.  

Well I am getting ready for the next couple of weeks because they are going to be very busy and are going to go by really fast!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You know your a mom when...

You know your a mom when....

your child throws up, you sit in it, and all you do is say oh well I guess I will just sit

you sometimes bring extra clothes for yourself when you go out "just in case" (wish I would have done that when I had to sit in throw up)

your child's nose is running but you have no tissue so you wipe it on the inside of their shirt (you know you have done something like this!!)

you are in bed early because your child is in bed early (sometimes by 8)

you take a nap when your child does during the day and your so tired that when they wake up too early from their nap you let them play in their crib and fall back asleep so you can get some extra sleep (you are not a bad mom if you have done this, today Bray only slept like 30 minutes and I let him cry it out because he was so tired that he needed to go back to sleep, he then slept for about 2 hours which is more of his normal nap time)

you call Mickey Mouse "hot dog" when talking to people because that is the name your child uses

your child follows you everywhere even in the bathroom because they want to be with you at all times

you go shopping and instead of looking at clothes and shoes for you, you look at the children's clothes and shoes (I tend to do this a lot, I cannot pass up a sale and right now I am obsessed with buying Bray socks, he cannot have enough!)

your house feels dirty because there are toys in every room of the house

you smell a dirty diaper before they are done making one!

These are just a few things that came to mind after my weekend experience.  We had a great weekend with Matt's family and we went to the PBR (Pro Bull Riding) at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and it was a lot of fun.  I was worried because it was going to be a late night for Bray, he is used to going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 but this even did not even start until 7.  He took a late afternoon nap hoping that would hold him over for the night.  He did really well except he was so antsy, we had an extra seat so that really helped because he either wanted me, my mom, or to sit in his own seat.  He did not want anyone else which was hard because we had to take care of him all night and we did not even leave that place until after 11pm!!!   During one part of the night my mom and I decided to go to the bathroom and change his diaper....we were back to our seats and I was putting Bray down, then when I sat in my seat I noticed it was REALLY warm!!! Well....guess what??!!?? He threw up while I was putting him down and I did not even notice so I sat in his vomit!!!!!! The people behind me were like "you just sat in puke"..well duh!! Maybe you could have warned me BEFORE I sat down and not after.  So I got to sit there the rest of the night which was over an hour in the vomit.  It even got all over my jacket, but luckily Matt brought his jacket so when we left I wrapped his jacket around my waist (pretty cool huh??) so that no one could see.  At least we all had fun and Bray looked so cute in his cowboy boots with his jeans and plaid shirt.

This week is going to be a lazy week for me, I don't have to work saturday so I am hoping to sleep in and do a little shopping.  I am trying to research and buy things to get my photography skills up to par.  I am going to be shooting a banquet in April so I want to be prepared so I need to buy some things, make some things, and practice!!!  This year has been good to me and I am hoping to be able to really get into photography to help me with my self confidence and to be able to do something fun and make some extra money.  Hopefully this will turn into something big!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finger Painting, What a Mess!!

Today has been great so far! Bray slept in this morning so I was able to bathe the dogs, pick up the house a little, and do the dishes.  He woke up in a great mood and we have had fun.  I decided that we would finger paint which turned into a mess and a baby that was covered in paint!!  He loved it which is all that matters to me.  He is now down for a nap so I thought I would write a little and share some pictures from today!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

This week has been so busy with working, the weather being nice, cleaning, and running errands.  The weather has been great this week so I have been walking/jogging and on Tuesday Bray and I played outside with his wagon and his car.  It feels so good to be able to run errands on my days off and play outside with Brayden.  There is only so much you can do inside and it gets a little boring, especially when we had the icy weather.  This weekend is going to be fun, we have family coming in town and we are going to have soooo much fun!!!

I took Bray to get his hair cut this week and it makes him look like such a big boy.  He is growing up too fast, it seems that he changes every day.  He is still obsessed with cleaning, he is talking a lot more, and he is really getting independent.  Every morning that we take him to daycare he does not want to eat breakfast until he gets the broom and dust pan to sweep the  Today he decided to throw the tray off of his chair and spill his cheerios so that he could sweep them up.  Maybe I do clean a little too much, if he gets a napkin, kleenex, or a rag he goes straight to something and starts to clean it!! At least I have a helper and I know he is watching me and learning from me.

Tonight started Track season!! BOOOOO! The only good thing about Track is that is does not last as long as football and there is one track meet a week.  I feel bad for Matt because he is just now leaving the school to come home, he will get here about 10:20, eat dinner, get ready for bed, and then start again tomorrow morning at 6.  Plus his back has been bothering him again and this week he had to go get injections while under anesthesia.  He says he is starting to feel better which is great, but I am dreading the time that the injection does not work or last long. Then that would mean his only option would be to have surgery.  I am so not looking forward to that day!! So lets hope this injection lasts a year like the last one.

Well I am done rambling because I need to get to bed so that I can clean some more tomorrow and have fun with Bray!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Almost Valentine's Day!!

This week has been so crazy, I have not been home for almost 3 days.  The weather was suppose to get bad again this week so I ended up spending the night at my mom's so that I could make it to work since I had missed almost all of last week.  The weather ended up not being as bad as last week but it was very cold!  Now I am home and am getting ready for my first small photography job.  I sent Bray to daycare so that I could catch up on laundry, get stuff ready for tonight, and I also need to run some errands today.

I cannot believe it is almost Valentine's Day!! I still have to get Matt and Bray a card and a little something.  I like Valentine's Day even though every day should be Valentine's.  It seems like it is with Matt and I because we tell each other sooo many times a day that we love each other and we just have a great marriage, I could not have asked for a better husband.  This week while I was gone he took care of Bray and I know they had a great time.  We have our ups and down as everyone does but our relationship is strong and it seems to be getting stronger with every day that passes.

Thinking of Valentine's Day reminds me of the song "Marry Me" by Train, my good friend Justine told me about it and now I listen to it all the time.  If you have not heard it, here it is for you!!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Possible first photography job!!

I am soooooo excited!!! I have a possible job taking pictures for a high school basketball team for there senior night.  I am really nervous since I have not done anything by myself yet, I have only assisted at weddings.  This will be new for me, but it is going to be great experience!  I plan on taking some classes but I have to find ones that work with my schedule.  My sister in law is going to help me today and give me some pointers since she is awesome in photography.  I need to learn a little but more about lighting, my camera and posing.  I am hoping that this hobby will turn into more and help me make some extra money and to have something that I am passionate about.  I have always loved photography but I have never had the confidence to put myself out there and try, so I am turning over a new leaf and I am going to put myself out there and do something that I enjoy!!

 I decided to write a little today since we are expecting ANOTHER winter storm tonight and through wednesday.  This is so crazy, we live in Texas, this is not suppose to happen here.  So that I can make it to work I am spending the night with my mom so that means Bray and Matt get a guys night!! There is a possibility that they will cancel school so they will get to have some time to hang out while I work.  I missed too much work last week to miss again this week, so I will slip and slide to work if I have to, but I will be careful! Hope everyone stays warm and safe this week!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Invitations, Thank You Cards, Announcements...You name it she can do it!

Since Brayden is almost 2, I am starting to plan his party and his invitations.  This year his party is going to be small with just family and some close friends, but I do want to have awesome invitations!  My best friend from elementary school has a business on facebook and it is called Queen Envy Creations and she can make you just about anything you want.  She has made Brayden's invitations, Thank you cards, and she also made our Christmas cards.  She does an awesome job and she has a great knack for creating exactly what you want.  You tell her your ideas, send her pictures and she creates several proofs to choose from.  She has a lot of images, backgrounds, and templates, but if you cannot find what you are looking for she can create it for you.   It is also fun to have Thank You cards made for birthdays or holidays, last year I sent her pictures from his party that we used for his Thank You's.

This year we are doing a Mickey Mouse theme and I am so excited to see what she comes up with.  I will be posting her proofs as they get made to show you how she works!

Here are the items that she has made for us, I do not have a copy of our Christmas card yet uploaded.  You can go check her out at facebook (the link is provided) and if you have any questions you can contact her under the contact us tab.  She is also going to be doing a photo contest soon with a great prize so check back! I will post about the contest when we get everything worked out.

Friday, February 4, 2011


There is only so many days in a row I can stand to be inside all day, this week has me going stir crazy! In Texas we never have this kind of weather.  Matt has missed all week from school except last Monday.  Tuesday was a big storm with sleet and ice, the temperatures never got above freezing and early this morning and today it snowed about 5 to 7 inches! This has been a crazy winter.  I have missed work on Wednesday, Thursday, and  I will not be able to make it in tomorrow because it is still really bad outside.  The only good thing this week is we have all been able to spend time together which does not happen too often except on the weekends.  Brayden has been attached to Matt since he never really gets to see him during the week like he does me.

Today we all went outside and got to play in the snow.  We had a great time except when I was running away from the kid across the street, because we were having a snowball fight, and I totally almost busted.  There is a thick layer of ice under the snow that we got and I forgot and was running in the street and slipped but I did catch myself.  Brayden had a great time outside but he liked eating the snow the best and then he learned how to throw snowballs.  We went out again in the afternoon and built a snowman, well we attempted to build one, the one we made looks like a snow  Both times coming in Brayden thew a fit because he wanted to stay outside even though his gloves were soaked and his lips were swollen from eating all the snow.  I told Matt that lots of women pay to get there lips to look like Bray's did.  So ladies just eat snow and freeze your lips, then they will swell up and be  Hey, it is cheaper than injections!! This evening we were so ready to get out of the house, Matt decided that we would go out to eat.  We ended up at Dickey's since nothing else was really open.  On the plus side I did get to tan, I am surprised they were open.  The roads are still really bad and tonight they are just going to freeze again.  Hopefully tomorrow by late morning the sun will come out and melt this snow!! I need to get out of the house!  We need to go grocery shopping and I need to pick up my ring from the mall.  Hoping that the snow, ice, and sleet will stay away form here! I need to get back to work since I do not get paid for ice days.

Hope everyone is warm and safe!! Here are some pictures from today. (note: there are no pictures of me because I was wearing Matt's pants and they made me look



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day!!

Today we have had a fun day, it was a snow day!! Well, there is really more ice than snow but hey we still went outside for a little bit so Brayden could play.  Matt's school was closed today so when Brayden got up this morning he was so excited to see daddie home!! He really is a daddie's boy when he is home since he doesn't get to see him much with his work schedule.  Today we made chocolate rice krispy treats and played in the snow.  I cannot believe that it was just about 70 degrees on friday and now its like 15 degrees, that's crazy Texas weather for ya!!  No wonder why everyone is getting sick all the time.

This past weekend we were suppose to go to the NFL Experience but I woke up on Sunday and was sick!!  I guess the food I ate made me sick because I started to feel better throughout the day, but that left Matt and Brayden on their own.  They still went to the NFL Experience and had fun so that made me feel a little better because I had really wanted to go.  When they came back they showed me what they bought and what a bargain he got.  He got 4 shirts and a poster for $40!!! I know right!!  Well the lady totally messed up when checking him out and only charged him for two things!! I know he should have said something but he asked her if she was sure of the total and she said yes so, needless to say we got over $100 of stuff for $40.  Then Matt came and showed me this piece of blue plastic and I had no clue what it was until he turned it around....he bought a freaking seat from the old Cowboys stadium!! What??!?? Where they heck is that thing gonna go??? Oh well, he really wanted it and is a big Cowboys fan so it can go in the garage with all his other

This past friday the weather was so nice so I decided to take Bray on a walk and we went to the park where he had a blast! He loved it so much he screamed and cried the whole walk home, we then made some brownies for daddie.  Bray is growing so much and loves to help out so he helped me with the brownies.  He also got some cowboy boots this weekend and he loves those boots! He was wearing them around the house in his pj's.  We bought them because we are going to a bull riding event at Cowboys Stadium in February so he has to dress the part!

Well this was my weekend in a crazy nutshell!! Here are some pictures from this past weekend and today! Enjoy!!

Like my new boots??

Trying to eat the snow!

OOPS!! He fell over and his head
went into the snow!
Lets go back outside!!