Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly boys and their shoes!

I have the two cutest boys ever!! Matt has been wanting a pair of checkered Vans slip on shoes because he used to wear them when he was younger, and he also wanted to get a pair for Bray.  Well this weekend they both got their shoes and they look soooo cute!! Bray loves his new "shoo shoes" and he wore them almost all day today.  Here is a picture of Daddie and Bray's new shoes!

Bray has been pretty good lately with only a few tantrums (knock on wood), and he has been so funny lately.  I have been practicing with my camera since I just got a new flash and every time I get it out he either makes a really funny face or he just stands there and says "CHEESE"!!  But once he is done with pictures, he is done because he starts running around the house.  Some day he might let me take some good pictures are some from today and the other day.  Note that the one picture with his hair all spiked is the day he did his own hair (I did help a little), but he is starting to be more independent so I figured since we were staying at home that I would let him do whatever he wanted to his hair.  He loved it by they way!! lol!!!
I styled my own hair!!


Helping Daddie in the garage

Crawling away from Mommie!

This weekend was a fun weekend, we got to spend some good family time together.  It seems like we have been so busy and looking ahead it does not seem to slow down.  I did get some shopping done for some new shorts since last year I did not buy any since I could not find any to fit me ( I am really picky when it comes to shorts and how they look on me).  Old Navy has some really cute khaki shorts, that are not too short and some cute tank tops for summer. It is fun to shop when you can fit into clothes you try on.  I also got Bray some new clothes for the warmer weather and Old Navy also had some good deals on children's clothes last week.  

Well I am getting ready for the next couple of weeks because they are going to be very busy and are going to go by really fast!!

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