Friday, March 4, 2011

Extra time???!!

There is so much I want to get done and things I want to do that it is making me have anxiety and be in a funk.  Have you ever felt that way??  My house seems to be over taken by Bray's toys, they are every where and I want to organize and get rid of some but that seems impossible.  We bought another little shelving unit for his toy room and some more bins for his toys but the problem is he has big toys that cannot be put into bins and they are taking up too much room.  I just need to put away the toys he does not play with anymore but it is hard because some days he plays with them and others he doesn't so I feel bad taking them away from him (even though I should say he has WAY too many toys that I am sure he would not miss them).  Plus my biggest problem with all of this is we buy him more toys even when he has too!! SO, hopefully this weekend we can get the toys under control and more organized!!

Another thing is that I am really getting into photography with my new camera and flash but I have no time to practice and learn more!!  I need an extra day in the week that I don't have to work and don't have Bray so that I can accomplish this (too bad that will never happen...wishful thinking!).  I really wish I had time to take a class or two at a college near my house but I can't do that so I am teaching myself and getting help from my sister in law.  During the day I research on the internet then practice taking pictures of Bray but I need to expand on my picture taking.  I took pictures for a high school basketball senior night and they want me back to shoot their banquet so I am hoping to improve a lot by I have to figure out if I can get a backdrop by then or just try to get a good spot to take group pictures....Oh and did I mention they want me back every year to take their pictures for senior night and the banquet!! GO ME!!

All of this stuff is so exciting yet my anxiety and stress level seem to soar since I have no extra time.  My days off I spend with Bray and get things done around the house or do errands.  I do not want to take my time away from Bray so it is just hard right now....hopefully in the future I will not have to worry about working so much so that stress level will fall.  I just always need to remember that I have a wonderful family and they support whatever I want to do in life and that is all I can ask for.

Life is full or twists, turns, and surprises!!


  1. Try google.....---->creative live they have classes some free for photogs! Also PhotoVision is great too!