Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am so tired this week for some reason...I guess it is because I have worked over 9 hours every day this week that I have been to work and I still have tomorrow and Saturday to go!! I have so much to get done before next week but I am excited to spend time with my boys since Matt is off for spring break.

So last week I finally got my treadmill fixed, $160 later I can run again!! I have been good with exercising since it has been fixed but tonight is my rest night.  I also hurt my knee again walking/running 3 miles the other night.  I am also excited to take a photography class this summer at a near by community college.  I was worried I would not be able to take it because it is on Saturdays and I work 2 a month but I got people to cover for me for 3 months!! I am so excited!!! I am ready to venture into a business and hopefully work for myself in the near future.

Bray seems to be soooooo much better from when he was sick, I am glad because it was hard to see him so sick.  He amazes me every day because he is doing something new, like today he was in the car on the way to work and he was counting 1...2....3...and he would clap.  It was so cute!!  He is also in the stage of not wanting me to leave him at daycare.  He clings to me like a monkey and says "no no mommie", I feel so bad I don't want to leave him.  I know he loves daycare and has a great time after I leave but it does kinda make me happy that he is so attached to me.  He also loves to play with his groceries that my mom bought him, he put them in his shopping cart and the throws them all over the floor.  The set also came with a fake little knife and he pretends to cut up the food, that tells me that he really pays attention to what everyone is doing and he picks up on everything pretty fast.

Well I am going to finish watching American Idol and get to bed so that I can get some sleep before working tomorrow!!! Oh and I forgot to mention that tonight I got Chick-fil-a for dinner and I was the 100th customer so I got a free dinner!!! Matt just got his breakfast free for the same thing this week. I guess it was a good week for us!! lol! Goodnight all!

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