Friday, March 25, 2011

I Love...

I love that I have the most supportive family.  They help me out when I need them, they support me with whatever I choose, they are there for me when I feel that I am alone.

I love my husband!!! I love that he puts up with my craziness, he puts things into perspective, he always tells me everything will work out.

I love that Brayden is growing up to be such a good boy.  I love that he has learned to say "Thank you" for everything, he says "bless you" when anyone or anything sneezes (he says it to the, I love that he tries my patients at times, that he likes to wear his vans or crocs with his pajamas, he gives big hugs and kisses before bed time.  I love that he is my son!!

I love my friends.  I may not have many but the ones I have are there for me when I may need them.  I love that they listen to me even when I can be annoying and talk too much about Brayden or my life.

I love my life.  My life may not seem perfect to everyone or sometimes I may think it is not....but it is!! I have learned so much during my life and I have so much more to learn.  I am excited to see what my future brings.

I love photography.  I am just starting out but I hope to one day be a professional.

I love chocolate!! We have a love hate relationship.

I love my dogs even though they get mad and pee in the house.

I love my dad who passed away unexpectedly even though we went through rough times, he was still my dad.

I love helping people and one day I want to be able to give back in a big way.

This is all I could think about today while Brayden and I had a fun day together.  Watching him today melted my heart, he would say thank you for everything and was my little helper today.  It is days like these that I sit back and think about how lucky I am.   Take the time to think about everything in life you love, it puts everything into perspective.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Funny things!

There is never a dull moment in my life!! While I was typing the following story about Bray I did something that beats everything I have done, even when I put sugar in my water thinking it was my tea!! LOL...I just put Bray down for his nap so that I could write a quick blog post and have some popcorn then maybe lay down....well that did not happen!!  I forgot that I put the popcorn in the microwave so when I looked up from my laptop I saw black smoke everywhere!! I burned my popcorn and bad!!!!  Freaking out I am running around the house turning on fans, opening windows, opening doors, trying to fan the smoke with my hands.  I then remembered our one smoke detector is connected to our house alarm so I was trying  to fan the smoke away with the dust mop!! That did not work, all of a sudden the alarm goes off and I have no freaking clue how to turn it off.  I run to the keypad and I am hitting cancel but did not even try our code because I did not think that would work the fire detector.  So I find the number and call my alarm people I tell them I burned my popcorn and he said he would cancel the call to the fire department. Whew!!! I then opened more windows and lit some candles since it smells in the house, I call my mom and tell her what happened....then I hear a knock at the door...who the heck could that be??!?? Ya you guessed it, the fire department!! I apologized to them and had to tell them I burned my popcorn....I felt so stupid!!!  So they needed my license to write down my info, I run and get my wallet and hand the guy my credit card!! What the heck is wrong with me!???!???!!! Both guys laughed and said "Ma'am we don't need your credit card but if you would like to donate money to the Oak Point Fire Department we wouldn't mind!!"  OMG I am such a blonde!!! I gave them the correct thing, my license, and I apologized again.  What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least they said they needed a laugh for today!!

So now onto the funny thing Bray did..

I totally forgot to tell a really funny story about Bray from last week!! I cannot believe I forgot because I was laughing so hard that fell on the floor.  We were at Matt's parents house and Bray had just had a bath.  He came into the room where I was at with nothing on, I then started to hear the sound of pee hitting the carpet! I looked over and Bray was peeing on the floor, I screamed, he stopped peeing looked at me then start peeing again.  When he was done he ran into the living room, got his towel and brought it to the room to clean up his mess.  He came running in saying "UH OH!!!".....It was the funniest thing ever, I was rolling on the floor laughing as everyone is wondering what the heck is going on.  At least he wanted to clean it up??!??

Well now that my adventure for the day is over I am gonna go lay down!!! Oh and I think I may dye my hair more blonde!!

I might have to continue this blog at another time when I am thinking more I know there are more funny things but....I will save that for later!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break!!

We just got back a couple hours ago from our spring break trip to Big Spring Texas and we had a great time.  Matt's parents live there so we try go out there a couple times a year.  We left late Tuesday night after I got off work and got there about 1 am on Wednesday morning.  Bray slept the whole way there but once we got there he thought it was play  He started playing in the garage with his John Deer tractor, then he went inside and wanted to play with all of his toys Grandma and Grandpa had bought him.  His favorite toy was his broom and his dust pan, and YES he LOVES to clean and he is obsessed with it!!!  So after unloading the car we finally got him to bed but he screamed for a long time before he finally fell asleep.

In the mornings Grandma and Grandpa would get Bray up when he was crying and he immediately wanted to go outside and play.  He did not want to come back inside ever!!  He loves being out in the country to play and see all the fun animals.  Matt's Grandpa owns a lot of land there and he has a ton of animals! I am talking buffalo, cows, emus, llamas, horses, goats, sheep you name it he probably has it or has had it at one point.  We went driving around the land on Thursday and Bray loved it!! He was not scared of anything. First we saw the cows and one poor cow had cactus stuck on his nose, it made me sad and I wanted to go take it out but of course they run from you.  We then got to see some horses, most of the horses are wild so they never get too close but there is one that was a race horse so he more tame.  He came right up to the truck and stuck his head in the window.  Bray went crazy saying "horsey" and he was trying to climb out the window to pet the horse, so he got to pet a horse for the first time.  There were some more horses that just had babies and one was still pregnant.  The babies were so stinkin cute! I claimed one that was light brown with white on its legs and a white star on the face.  I am hoping to be able to name it and everything since its mother is registered but with so many horses we have to identify the mother and choose a name that sticks with the registered name.  I love horses and wish that I had land so I could take the baby, o well at least I know I can go see it anytime.  Anywho after the horses we drove a round trying to find the buffalo and of course they were all the way at the other end of the land. When we got there we all got out to take some pictures and I thought Bray might be scared of them since they are so big ( I know I would be if I were his size), of course he wanted to run right up to them and play.  It was so funny, we drove a little more and found a ton of the bigger buffalo and Bray was running at them clapping his hands trying to get them run.  I kinda freaked for a second because he got too close for my comfort but we were always there with him and his Grandpa was right by him.  On the way back my father in law realized he dropped his phone by the buffalo so we had to go back, luckily we found it and it had landed perfectly on the ground out of the way of poo.  There was a circle around it, any closer and it would have been pooed!! lol

After that adventure we went back to the house to hang out and get ready for the day.  It was fun to see Bray this week because he was talking a lot more, but one bad thing is that he is starting to act out a lot! I need to get control over this because I know the terrible 2's are here!!  We thought it would be fun to take him to see some chickens, ducks, and rabbits at the Tractor Supply.  We got there and first thing he found was working gloves so of course he had to put those on, after that we went and saw the baby chicks.  He thought they were cool but he was too interested in those dang gloves.  They were all sold out of ducks and rabbits so we are going to take him to the one close to us so he can see them.

Matt's mom and I got our nails done and went shopping.  It was so nice to get out with my mother in law with out Bray.  I love him so much but I need that time away doing something fun.  I got some really cute yellowbox sandals!! She got me hooked on that brand, they are soooo cute and very comfortable.  On Friday we went to Hobbs New Mexico to visit Matt's Aunt and Uncle, Bray also got to meet his second cousin Destiny who is such a cutie.  He loved her so much and he was a big helper.  We did some shopping, visiting, and went out to eat.  We ended up getting back late so we put Bray straight to bed.  We then got up today and went to lunch before heading back home.  It is always so nice to go there and get out of the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Plus Bray loves spending time with his Grandma and Grandpa!!

Now it is back to reality; unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, and getting ready for the work week.  I am hoping that Bray and I get to feeling better.  I am having stupid allergies and he has a horrible cough that I will probably have to take him to the doctor for.  Oh and I have not had to worry about my doggies because my awesome mother wanted to keep them for me while we were away.  She loves to have them because they keep her company and she loves Tuffy!! He loves to snuggle with her and follow he everywhere.

Hop everyone had a good spring break!! Here are some more pictures from out trip, I had already shared some on my last post.  Enjoy!

This is the retired racehorse 

This is the other baby horse!

This is the baby horse I claimed!
 I could not get a shot of  its face.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pictures for Maddie

I am doing a short blog today since it is spring break and we are busy but I have been following a blog about a little girl named Maddie who went to Heaven way too soon.  Maddie's mother wanted everyone to go out and take pictures of their children and think of Maddie.  Here are some pictures that were taken today while we were outside playing.  Here is to Maddie!!

Sorry this is short and sweet but I wanted to support Maddie's family in their time of a loss.    

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am so tired this week for some reason...I guess it is because I have worked over 9 hours every day this week that I have been to work and I still have tomorrow and Saturday to go!! I have so much to get done before next week but I am excited to spend time with my boys since Matt is off for spring break.

So last week I finally got my treadmill fixed, $160 later I can run again!! I have been good with exercising since it has been fixed but tonight is my rest night.  I also hurt my knee again walking/running 3 miles the other night.  I am also excited to take a photography class this summer at a near by community college.  I was worried I would not be able to take it because it is on Saturdays and I work 2 a month but I got people to cover for me for 3 months!! I am so excited!!! I am ready to venture into a business and hopefully work for myself in the near future.

Bray seems to be soooooo much better from when he was sick, I am glad because it was hard to see him so sick.  He amazes me every day because he is doing something new, like today he was in the car on the way to work and he was counting 1...2....3...and he would clap.  It was so cute!!  He is also in the stage of not wanting me to leave him at daycare.  He clings to me like a monkey and says "no no mommie", I feel so bad I don't want to leave him.  I know he loves daycare and has a great time after I leave but it does kinda make me happy that he is so attached to me.  He also loves to play with his groceries that my mom bought him, he put them in his shopping cart and the throws them all over the floor.  The set also came with a fake little knife and he pretends to cut up the food, that tells me that he really pays attention to what everyone is doing and he picks up on everything pretty fast.

Well I am going to finish watching American Idol and get to bed so that I can get some sleep before working tomorrow!!! Oh and I forgot to mention that tonight I got Chick-fil-a for dinner and I was the 100th customer so I got a free dinner!!! Matt just got his breakfast free for the same thing this week. I guess it was a good week for us!! lol! Goodnight all!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy weekend with a sick baby!

Well this weekend was suppose to be full of errands and getting things accomplished around the house but that all changed when Brayden decided to throw up all over me and the floor.  On Saturday he slept in until after 10:30 but we thought he was just tired from Friday because we were busy playing and running errands...WRONG!! That is when he decided to throw up everywhere, poor guy was so sick.  We ended up taking turns staying home since I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and get some things for the living room since everything was 50% off, you cannot beat that!!  I ended up getting 4 wooden/tin shelves, picture frames, and some decorations for the shelves.  It was so fun shopping there, I wish I could have gotten more to redecorate the house.  I would go broke!!  After I got home Matt went to Lowe's and to Walmart to get some groceries.  Poor Brayden took about a 3 hour afternoon nap then went to bed really early.  He was very lethargic and wanted to be held which he never wants, it was so sad to see him so sick but I love to cuddle with him and that is what we got to do. During his nap we did get the shelves hung up on the walls now I just have to print some pictures to go in the picture frames.  My living room is completely decorated now which I love!!  On Sunday Bray woke up with a fever and still not feeling well, within an hour of him being up he went back down for a nap.  I talked to my mom and she thought that I should take him to see a doctor, so we signed up online to go to Care Now.  I am so glad they have the web check in so you do not have to wait there since it was a 2 hour wait.  When they called he was still asleep so we had to wake him up.  They did a strep and flu test and they both came back negative but the doctor was still concerned because his stomach was a little distended, he told me his belly hurt and since he had not really eaten since Friday he was wondering if something else was wrong.  So about 2 hours later, blood work, and x rays he diagnosed him with a throat infection and inflamed bronchial.  They sent out a culture from his throat to test it and they put him on amoxicillin.  Thankfully my mom was off today so she watched him so that he did not have to go to daycare and he seems much better.  On a good note we got Brayden's toy room cleaned up, his new shelving unit put together, and the closet cleaned out.  Getting that done brought my anxiety way down, who would have thought I have anxiety over cleaning and projects in the

This week is going to be a hectic week; I am working more which is hard when I have to pack, do laundry, clean the house, and every other million things I need to get done.  I will have all day tomorrow to get things done but then I wont have time until Saturday afternoon....I technically just have off Tuesday and Sunday, with a half day on Saturday...I know it doesn't sound that bad but I get exhausted so easily that by next Tuesday night I will be spent!  To help me with not having to drive home and turn around and go back to work Saturday I am going to spend the night at moms and I love doing that because we get to eat dinner together and have some girl time which we do not get to do much.  Any time I can get with my mom I will take it.  Brayden and Matt will get to have a boys night which they love.  It is going to be a busy week and beginning of next week but then its Spring Break!!!  WOOHOO!!!!

I guess that I should get to bed since I just seem to typing...goodnight!!  

Friday, March 4, 2011

Extra time???!!

There is so much I want to get done and things I want to do that it is making me have anxiety and be in a funk.  Have you ever felt that way??  My house seems to be over taken by Bray's toys, they are every where and I want to organize and get rid of some but that seems impossible.  We bought another little shelving unit for his toy room and some more bins for his toys but the problem is he has big toys that cannot be put into bins and they are taking up too much room.  I just need to put away the toys he does not play with anymore but it is hard because some days he plays with them and others he doesn't so I feel bad taking them away from him (even though I should say he has WAY too many toys that I am sure he would not miss them).  Plus my biggest problem with all of this is we buy him more toys even when he has too!! SO, hopefully this weekend we can get the toys under control and more organized!!

Another thing is that I am really getting into photography with my new camera and flash but I have no time to practice and learn more!!  I need an extra day in the week that I don't have to work and don't have Bray so that I can accomplish this (too bad that will never happen...wishful thinking!).  I really wish I had time to take a class or two at a college near my house but I can't do that so I am teaching myself and getting help from my sister in law.  During the day I research on the internet then practice taking pictures of Bray but I need to expand on my picture taking.  I took pictures for a high school basketball senior night and they want me back to shoot their banquet so I am hoping to improve a lot by I have to figure out if I can get a backdrop by then or just try to get a good spot to take group pictures....Oh and did I mention they want me back every year to take their pictures for senior night and the banquet!! GO ME!!

All of this stuff is so exciting yet my anxiety and stress level seem to soar since I have no extra time.  My days off I spend with Bray and get things done around the house or do errands.  I do not want to take my time away from Bray so it is just hard right now....hopefully in the future I will not have to worry about working so much so that stress level will fall.  I just always need to remember that I have a wonderful family and they support whatever I want to do in life and that is all I can ask for.

Life is full or twists, turns, and surprises!!