Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You know your a mom when...

You know your a mom when....

your child throws up, you sit in it, and all you do is say oh well I guess I will just sit here...lol

you sometimes bring extra clothes for yourself when you go out "just in case" (wish I would have done that when I had to sit in throw up)

your child's nose is running but you have no tissue so you wipe it on the inside of their shirt (you know you have done something like this!!)

you are in bed early because your child is in bed early (sometimes by 8)

you take a nap when your child does during the day and your so tired that when they wake up too early from their nap you let them play in their crib and fall back asleep so you can get some extra sleep (you are not a bad mom if you have done this, today Bray only slept like 30 minutes and I let him cry it out because he was so tired that he needed to go back to sleep, he then slept for about 2 hours which is more of his normal nap time)

you call Mickey Mouse "hot dog" when talking to people because that is the name your child uses

your child follows you everywhere even in the bathroom because they want to be with you at all times

you go shopping and instead of looking at clothes and shoes for you, you look at the children's clothes and shoes (I tend to do this a lot, I cannot pass up a sale and right now I am obsessed with buying Bray socks, he cannot have enough!)

your house feels dirty because there are toys in every room of the house

you smell a dirty diaper before they are done making one!

These are just a few things that came to mind after my weekend experience.  We had a great weekend with Matt's family and we went to the PBR (Pro Bull Riding) at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and it was a lot of fun.  I was worried because it was going to be a late night for Bray, he is used to going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 but this even did not even start until 7.  He took a late afternoon nap hoping that would hold him over for the night.  He did really well except he was so antsy, we had an extra seat so that really helped because he either wanted me, my mom, or to sit in his own seat.  He did not want anyone else which was hard because we had to take care of him all night and we did not even leave that place until after 11pm!!!   During one part of the night my mom and I decided to go to the bathroom and change his diaper....we were back to our seats and I was putting Bray down, then when I sat in my seat I noticed it was REALLY warm!!! Well....guess what??!!?? He threw up while I was putting him down and I did not even notice so I sat in his vomit!!!!!! The people behind me were like "you just sat in puke"..well duh!! Maybe you could have warned me BEFORE I sat down and not after.  So I got to sit there the rest of the night which was over an hour in the vomit.  It even got all over my jacket, but luckily Matt brought his jacket so when we left I wrapped his jacket around my waist (pretty cool huh??) so that no one could see.  At least we all had fun and Bray looked so cute in his cowboy boots with his jeans and plaid shirt.

This week is going to be a lazy week for me, I don't have to work saturday so I am hoping to sleep in and do a little shopping.  I am trying to research and buy things to get my photography skills up to par.  I am going to be shooting a banquet in April so I want to be prepared so I need to buy some things, make some things, and practice!!!  This year has been good to me and I am hoping to be able to really get into photography to help me with my self confidence and to be able to do something fun and make some extra money.  Hopefully this will turn into something big!!

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