Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

This week has been so busy with working, the weather being nice, cleaning, and running errands.  The weather has been great this week so I have been walking/jogging and on Tuesday Bray and I played outside with his wagon and his car.  It feels so good to be able to run errands on my days off and play outside with Brayden.  There is only so much you can do inside and it gets a little boring, especially when we had the icy weather.  This weekend is going to be fun, we have family coming in town and we are going to have soooo much fun!!!

I took Bray to get his hair cut this week and it makes him look like such a big boy.  He is growing up too fast, it seems that he changes every day.  He is still obsessed with cleaning, he is talking a lot more, and he is really getting independent.  Every morning that we take him to daycare he does not want to eat breakfast until he gets the broom and dust pan to sweep the  Today he decided to throw the tray off of his chair and spill his cheerios so that he could sweep them up.  Maybe I do clean a little too much, if he gets a napkin, kleenex, or a rag he goes straight to something and starts to clean it!! At least I have a helper and I know he is watching me and learning from me.

Tonight started Track season!! BOOOOO! The only good thing about Track is that is does not last as long as football and there is one track meet a week.  I feel bad for Matt because he is just now leaving the school to come home, he will get here about 10:20, eat dinner, get ready for bed, and then start again tomorrow morning at 6.  Plus his back has been bothering him again and this week he had to go get injections while under anesthesia.  He says he is starting to feel better which is great, but I am dreading the time that the injection does not work or last long. Then that would mean his only option would be to have surgery.  I am so not looking forward to that day!! So lets hope this injection lasts a year like the last one.

Well I am done rambling because I need to get to bed so that I can clean some more tomorrow and have fun with Bray!!!

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