Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day!!

Today we have had a fun day, it was a snow day!! Well, there is really more ice than snow but hey we still went outside for a little bit so Brayden could play.  Matt's school was closed today so when Brayden got up this morning he was so excited to see daddie home!! He really is a daddie's boy when he is home since he doesn't get to see him much with his work schedule.  Today we made chocolate rice krispy treats and played in the snow.  I cannot believe that it was just about 70 degrees on friday and now its like 15 degrees, that's crazy Texas weather for ya!!  No wonder why everyone is getting sick all the time.

This past weekend we were suppose to go to the NFL Experience but I woke up on Sunday and was sick!!  I guess the food I ate made me sick because I started to feel better throughout the day, but that left Matt and Brayden on their own.  They still went to the NFL Experience and had fun so that made me feel a little better because I had really wanted to go.  When they came back they showed me what they bought and what a bargain he got.  He got 4 shirts and a poster for $40!!! I know right!!  Well the lady totally messed up when checking him out and only charged him for two things!! I know he should have said something but he asked her if she was sure of the total and she said yes so, needless to say we got over $100 of stuff for $40.  Then Matt came and showed me this piece of blue plastic and I had no clue what it was until he turned it around....he bought a freaking seat from the old Cowboys stadium!! What??!?? Where they heck is that thing gonna go??? Oh well, he really wanted it and is a big Cowboys fan so it can go in the garage with all his other stuff...lol.

This past friday the weather was so nice so I decided to take Bray on a walk and we went to the park where he had a blast! He loved it so much he screamed and cried the whole walk home, we then made some brownies for daddie.  Bray is growing so much and loves to help out so he helped me with the brownies.  He also got some cowboy boots this weekend and he loves those boots! He was wearing them around the house in his pj's.  We bought them because we are going to a bull riding event at Cowboys Stadium in February so he has to dress the part!

Well this was my weekend in a crazy nutshell!! Here are some pictures from this past weekend and today! Enjoy!!

Like my new boots??

Trying to eat the snow!

OOPS!! He fell over and his head
went into the snow!
Lets go back outside!!

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