Friday, January 28, 2011

Just yesterday....

I cannot believe that Bray will be 2 years old this year!!! Time flies by way too fast when they are babies,   it seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.  I remember that day so well! I woke up and took a pregnancy test and there was the faintest line on it.  I just kept staring at it and then I got so excited that I started crying.  I immediatley called my mom yelling there is a line on my test, I think I see a line!!!! Mom I think i'm pregnant!!!! She thought I was crazy and told me to calm down, she was excited but we both were not sure since the line was so faint.  Throughout the day I think I may have taken like 3 tests...all had a faint line so YES I was finally pregnant!!  I remember that was the longest day waiting for Matt to get home.  I had made a sign with a test taped to it and put it on the door of the room we had all of our "crap" in.  When he got home I asked if he could go get something out of the room and when he saw that he was very surprised.  I was hoping for a different reaction but he is not as emotional as I am, but I could tell he was excited.

My pregnancy was filled with complications, I had developed the worst vertigo ever which sent me to the emergency room on Thanksgiving day, I had horrible morning sickness that turned into hyperemesis, then I went into preterm labor which put me on bed rest.  I would do it all over again even though the thought of it scares me.  I had the most perfect delivery and recovery so I think that made up for the wild pregnancy that I had.  I now have the most beautiful little boy ever and he sure does keep me on my toes!! 

Here are some maternity pictures that I wanted to share that my sister in law took!

It is hard to see the sign but it says
"Brayden is in here"

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