Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here are some Photographs from Christmas!!

As I had mentioned, I am starting to get into photography so I thought I would post some pictures that I have taken recently.  My awesome husband bought me the new Nikon D 3100 for Christmas and I love it!! I am still very new to photograpghy even though I have assisted my sister in law with her photograpghy business.  She has taught me a lot and I have helped her shoot weddings and sittings, that is where I learned to love it!!  I am hoping she can teach me more because she is great at what she does and maybe some day I can do it for more than just a hobby.  

My little model!

I did not take this, (of course since I am in it), but this was Christmas Day.

Bray playing at a birthday party!!

Shoving his mouth full of cupcake! He ate the whole thing!

His first smoothie that mommie made!

He decided to get into the bathtub with his pajamas on!

This is Tuffy and Zoie, my puppies!! 

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