Saturday, June 18, 2011

Party, Work, Stress...Lots Going On!!

WOW!! It has been awhile since I have written a blog!! I have had so much going on lately that I have not had time to sit down to type my blog.  First of all one main reason I was not blogging was that we were throwing my mom a surprise birthday party so I had been getting ready for that and I did not want to blog about it which was hard because I was so excited yet stressed about it.  My aunt flew into town and so did my moms best friend from high school.  My aunt came in on a friday and the party was not until saturday evening so we had to keep her hidden so we did not run into my mom anywhere.  The party was such a success, she was surprise and mad at first because she said her house was not clean enough to have wonder where I get my  cleaning anxiety from, thanks mom!! Anywho we had tricked my mom into thinking she was going to my brothers house to do presents then they were going to go out to eat.  Well, when she got to his house my aunt opened the door and my mom was so shocked.  She then walked inside the house and saw Matt, Brayden, me, and Matts parents.  Her friend then walked down the stairs and asked for some more could not believe that they both flew in to see her.  Then about 20 minutes later people started showing up and we had mom open the door for everyone.  She loved her party and was excited to have everyone there.  I was relieved to have the party done because it was stressful getting everything planned out and worrying about letting something slip to her about the party.  It was nice too because I got to spend time with my mom, aunt, and her best friend on Monday...we had a little girls time that was much needed!!

Everything else was going great because we are getting ready to go on vacation, then we have Brayden's party in July, and I start my photography class.  There is a lot to look forward too.....BUT...and yes that is all caps because Matt hurt his back yet AGAIN!!! Of course he can workout to P90X but he can lift Bray into a cart and hurt his back.  So this past Friday after my stomach doctor appointment (thats a whole other issue going on), I had to take Matt to his back doctor for an injection.  We get there thinking they are going to give him an injection which is what he normally gets to help his back but that was not what happened when we got there.  The doctor saw how bad his back was and wanted an MRI before injecting him.   So off we went to get an MRI and now he has to wait until Wednesday to get the results to determine if his back has gotten worse which would mean surgery or that he is ok to just get an injection.  We are hoping for the injection but I know its only a matter of time before he needs surgery.  His back was so bad it took him about 30 minutes to get out of bed and he almost fell in the kitchen because his back and leg was cramping.  So having this happen is stressful because he cannot help me with Brayden and now I will have to take him to daycare while I am at work.  Too much going on at once stresses me out way too much!!  I still have to buy everything for Bray's party and get stuff done before we go out of town.  I feel like I need to clone myself just to get everything done!

I am hoping this next week goes well...I know I am excited to get my hair done on Tuesday and get it more blonde!!  I love my hair color now but I want a little brighter and then I will go darker again in the fall.  Getting my hair done always makes me feel better! Plus I was able to order some new clothes and they come in this week...just crossing my fingers everything fits because it is so hard to buy online since you cannot try the clothes on.   I am also hoping to figure out my tummy problems, I have to go get some bloodwork done on monday and see if any of the tests tell us anything...

Well I am off to bed...hoping to write more often but I cannot promise is a picture of my mother and I at her party!!

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