Sunday, June 26, 2011

All About Bray!

I thought that I would write this blog and dedicate it to Bray and what all he is doing now.  He is 23 months and in a couple weeks will turn the big 2!! It is so crazy to think that he is almost 2, I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital.  I miss the baby stage when they depend on you for he is walking, talking, and throwing I guess you could say we have hit the terrible 2's.  It is his way or he will throw his tantrum know matter where we are, and I know this is normal but sometimes it is hard to deal with.
He is talking so much now and his new phrase is "I want that" or "I want more that".  His other favorite word is "mine"!!

We are working on sharing his toys with his friends and learning to play nice.

 He likes to call me "Mawcie" and not mommie because of my father in law!! He thought it was funny to teach him my name and now he will not call me mommie.

He also likes to pretend to be daddie and sit in his chair.  Since Matt is home in the summer and watches Bray he is very attached to daddie.  Every time I go in his room to get him up he is always asking "where daddie?" with his hands out looking around.

He loves to go to the pool and drink the  I tell him to keep his mouth closed but he thinks it is funny to drink the water...YUCK!!

He is obsessed with animals...dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, cows...etc. The only problem is that he calls just about any animal that is in a field a "oofalo" because he loved the buffalo at his great grandpas.

He calls airplanes "choos choos" for some reason.

He will only watch "hot dog" aka Mickey Mouse on TV.  This is the theme for his 2nd birthday party!

He loves to run!! He thinks it is funny to run away from us and run into the street. I get so freaked out when he does this and it is hard to get him to see it is not safe. We are working on that one though.

He will only wear his croc shoes or his vans....he does not like to wear his nike shoes.

He loves trucks!

He loves his special night night blanket.

He no longer uses a papi and I will admit I am a little sad because he looked to cute with one  It just means he is growing up way too fast!

He loves to clean, he normally always has a wipie or a clothe cleaning the furniture.

He is down to one nap a day and still likes to sleep in some days.

He can count 2, he forgets 1!!

He loves babies and I know he will make a great big brother when we decide to have another child.

It feels so good typing everything about Bray at this time because it makes me proud of how he is growing up and what he is learning.  I am going to start doing more of these to look back and remember what he was doing and at what age.  I cannot wait until his party and I am excited to start school soon to learn more about photography! Hoping to get some practice soon and post some new pictures! If anyone out there would like to share what programs they use to edit photos I would love to hear from you!!

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