Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a lot of free time!

I have been so busy lately dealing with getting the house repaired and my car done.  I was suppose to get my car back this week but I called to check on the status of my car and now it is going to be another 2 1/2 weeks and going to be almost $10,000 worth of damage to my car!! They tried to repair the hail damage where they press out the dents but they could not do them all because there were so many, now they have to order new parts to put on my car like the hood and my roof as well as others!! I cannot believe that I only had my car 2 weeks and now its going to be over a month since I had it!! I can't wait to get it back!!

Any who other than that I have been working on a project from work at home so all my extra time has been occupied with that.  I should be done this week or the beginning of next week so then I will have some more extra time. I feel like I have not been able to blog all of my thoughts lately.  Plus I get the dogs back this week from my mom who has been awesome and has been keeping them since we have not had part of a fence.  Hopefully it will be started or done by thursday when I get them back or I may be in for some trouble...lol. Well I hope to blog more often soon!! Gotta get some work done and rest a little before Bray wakes up from his nap!!

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