Monday, April 11, 2011

Hail Storm!!

My poor new car is now beat up with dents from the hail!! It is all over the car and I am so upset!!

I get to take that in to get fixed and we also will be getting a new roof, new gutters, part of a new fence and some windows fixed.  We had a huge storm pop up last night that had over 70 mph winds along with about ping pong ball sized hail.  It was the scariest thing that I have ever been through.  Our electricity flickered off and back on then it just sounded like rocks being thrown at all of our windows...all I could think about was my new car outside being beat up by the hail.  I was also worried that there was a freaking tornado and that our windows were going to get blown in.  We were very lucky that none of our windows broke, a lot of homes had broken windows.  Bray also managed to sleep through the whole thing, I don't know how he did it.  It has caused my anxiety to go through the roof and my stress level to soar!! We both took off work today to clean up, make calls, and get estimates.  It is going to take so long for all of this to get fixed....It made me so sick today that I threw up while we were at Lowes buying some things.

The storm also tore up our flower bed that we just planted yesterday.  Here are some before and after pictures along with other pictures of the damage to our property.
Before the Storm!

My pretty flowers before!

The corner of the roof lifting.

No more pretty flowers

Money wasted on flowers!

Our fence and neighbors yards!

On the side of our fence

I feel grateful that we had no windows broken and that we are all safe but it is still a major stress to deal with.  Hoping we get everything taken care of soon so I can stop stressing!! Something I learned is to clean out the garage so that you can park your new car in it to avoid hail damage!

On a good note we had fun at a Rough Riders game last night!! Bray had a blast there walking around and cheering. 

Hope everyone has a better week than how mine started out!!

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