Friday, April 1, 2011


I got a new car!!! I love it!! I am so excited that I was able to get a new car, I got a 2011 Chevy Equinox.  Let me tell you, it is so awesome.  It is perfect size, not too big and it gets great gas mileage.  This car has great features blue tooth, back up camera, onstar, eco for fuel saving on the highways!!  If you are looking for a good car I would go look at these and test drive one.  I did a lot of research on this car to make sure it is what I wanted since I am going to have this car along time.  I was nervous about car looking because I know how some car dealers are, not very nice.  I dealt with 2 different dealers and let me tell you, one was a major jerk and the other was the nicest most helpful person.

I started off emailing a couple dealers to see what kinds of deals or specials they had on the equinox.  I made appointments to meet with them last weekend but I only made it to one since Matt got sick with the stomach bug that he caught from Brayden (which I was able to not get woohoo!!).  I went to the first one after work and my mom went with me so that she could be there to watch Brayden so I could at least test drive the car.  I got there and the guy who I was suppose to meet with was busy so another guy helped me and took me the test drive (this guy was really nice and too bad I did not deal with him).  I fell in love with this car as soon as I sat in We get back to dealer after the test drive and I met with the original guy and I was telling him I might trade in my car but I was not sure so I wanted to see what they would give me for a trade in.  One tip I have is not telling them you are making a trade in or telling them how much you want for the trade in.  He asked me how much I wanted or thought I was going to get so I told him what the value was based on the kelly blue book.  He looked at me and sorta laughed, he said that I would not get the much at all for my car since it was a saturn and they do not make them anymore.  That made me mad, but he said he would take my car back and see what they would give me for my car.  My mom had left by this time so I was there with Brayden and it was about nap time so he was not easy to handle there.  They finally want to talk with me and I said that I would have to come back but we talked a little about the car and he gave me the price of the car he was going to sell me and it went up like $600 from the online quote then he said he would only come down $200.  I was so mad, I then asked what are you going to give me for my car and he would not even tell me...his excuse was he had to shop my car around to a few places since it was a saturn.  I left that place mad and had wasted my afternoon there.  They will never get my business!!

The second dealer I contacted and told him that I would go there on tuesday since that was my next day off. We did everything over the phone, he was able to find the exact car I wanted color and features.  He gave me an awesome quote which was way lower than the other dealer.  I told him that we were going to be putting money down and that I might have a trade in but I was not sure if I was going to sell it myself or not.  He had everything ready on tuesday, even my credit was run before I got there so all I had to do was see the numbers and look at my car!! They already had the paper license on the car, I knew it was meant to  I talked with him and asked him if there was any way he could just tell me what they would give me on my car and he was back within 10 minutes with a price.  He told me how much and I said SOLD!! He gave me $200 less than what the kelly blue book said which I thought was great because the guy had told me I was not going to get anything for it.  He worked up all the numbers and I told him I would be back that evening with Matt to sign the papers and now I have my new car!!!

Some things I learned about buying a car, especially if you are young and/or a woman going to the dealers alone.  RESEARCH, RESEARCH,RESEARCH!! You need to know what you want out of a car, what prices they are, the reviews (consumer and safety), what type of payments you can afford, if you are going to trade in a car research what your trade in value is and what other dealers are selling the car for, ask about any specials or incentives ( I was able to get an extra $1,000 off my car when he searched using my maiden name since my old car was still under that name), just search around until you can find the right fit.  I was prepared with all my information, I just needed to find the right car and dealer.  Never give in to a dealer if they try to raise the price because they do not have what you want and all they have is the car with something extra.  They can always find the car you want or you go to another dealer that has exactly what you want.  Stick your ground and never give in!! I did and was able to get a great car from a great dealer!! If you are looking for a new car James Wood in Denton, TX is where I got mine from.  Sometimes they have better deals on cars if you contact them over the internet, Henry Estrada is who I dealt with and he is the internet sales manager. Let him know I sent ya!! Oh and I do not get any money or anything from them if you buy a car!! lol...wish I did!!

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