Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bad, The Good!!

Wow, lately I have had more bad days than good.  Last week after the storm it was like everyday was bad and something happened to stress me out more and make me mad.  This week so far has been better but it has had its times.  Bray decided that his new wake up time is 7:30 which I am not too happy about because I was spoiled with him waking up between 8 and 9:30....maybe I will make his bedtime later in hopes that will work!! He has also been wanting to go outside every day from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he says outside and shoes!!!  He has also been testing me and not behaving which is very emotionally draining for me.  Hopefully this is just a phase!!

As far as our house and cars...my car is in the shop getting fixed and they said that it was going to take about 2 weeks to fix it.  They said that hopefully they can pop out most of the dents but if they can't then they will have to replace some parts.  It makes me sad because my car was brand new and perfect!! It better be perfect when I pick it up!!  We decided to wait on Matt's car since we would both have rental cars and we are only allowed a certain amount a day and that does not pay for an SUV.  I had trouble with my rental car and Bray's car seat, Matt had to work on getting it to fit properly.  Our fence is still down but our insurance adjuster is coming on friday to see all the damage and tell us what they are going to give us.  We will need a new roof and gutters but at least it is not leaking just lots of hail damage.  We have someone that is going to do our roof and fence (if you ever need your fence done, roof repaired, or general contracting on your house contact me and I can tell you who we are using), he is such a nice guy.  He came on saturday and walked around our house explaining everything to us, he is easy to get in touch with and answers all your questions (we all know I ask tons of questions!).  Excited to get all of this done so we can put it behind us!! 

Looking forward to this friday!! I get my hair done!! I am so ready to be more blonde again!!!!!! Woohoo!!  Then of course this weekend is Easter so I am excited to see Bray hunt his Easter eggs.  I think that we are also all going out to eat on Sunday so that we can celebrate Matt's birthday and Easter.  Hope everyone has a great week and good Easter weekend!! 


  1. :) here's hopin for brighter days!

    I know the feeling about the hair appt. it's nice to finally have that done and I always think, why do I wait so long to do it, oh then I remember I'm a mom. :) Happy Easter.

  2. Thank you!! This week has been a better week! I always wait too long to get my hair done too but then I always change the color and want to go back to blonde. lol
    Hope you have a good Easter!