Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Bees!

We have been so busy!! This past weekend we ran a lot of errands, got some stuff down outside, took Bray to build a bear, took my mom out to dinner, and the normal weekend stuff.  I have been wanting to take Bray to build a bear for awhile now but Matt kept saying to wait...well we took him on Saturday and at first he loved it, but when it came time to stuff his dog he screamed and cried from the noise it made!! Normally he is not scared with loud noises but it sure did scare him, after that he was all into looking around and taking everything off the shelf and hangers.  We got him a really cute dog and named him Ruff, yes I know very original name, he loves him!! He had to take him in the car to daycare on Monday.  I do think he is still a little too young to get into it but that just means we will have to go

I have so much going on lately!! Next week I shoot the basketball banquet, which I am very nervous about but excited!!  We also go to a concert next Saturday that I am supper excited about because I have the cutest outfit to wear!! Then Easter is just around the corner, summer is almost here and that is going to be very busy for us!  Oh and I finally got signed up for my photography class that starts in July.  I am excited to take a class to start learning more and refreshing my memory.

 I took Brayden on Tuesday to a field near my house that is full of bluebonnets, it is so pretty.  Here are some pictures that I took, I was amazed that my pictures turned out so well that I did not have to edit much. GO ME!!!

We had a great time there in the field even though we were only there about 15 minutes, I was surprised I got so many good pictures of Bray.  I need more practice, but I need to find some good places and people to practice with.

I was so excited last weekend to be able to go to lunch with my girlies!! We got to have a couple hours kid free! We got to have lunch, a drink, and I did a little shopping.  It is really nice to be able to get out and see my friends even though it does not happen as often as I wish. Hopefully we will make it a thing once a month or every other month. I miss my girlie time!!

We have busy weekend ahead with working, getting some yard work done, and going to a baseball game. Bray and I are also going to meet with his cousins and Auntie for a play date!! We are excited!!

Hope to be able to blog a little this weekend but with everything going on not too sure when I will get a chance.  I also have to get my nails done...the things we do to look!!


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