Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy, excited, and great weather!!

We have been busy lately with life especially with this weather being so nice.  I have been able to take Bray on walks and to the park.  Today he had a picnic lunch out in the backyard, he thought that was pretty special.  This week we were able to go to Matts game and Bray had a great time!! At first he did not understand that he could not go out on the field with daddy but he got over that and had fun.  Then after the game he was able to go on the field and join daddy in the huddle.  He did not understand that he had to stand there and be quiet so he was running to me and yelling.  It was so funny to see him to excited, he also distracted the football players but o'well!!  The only bad thing about going to the football games is that we do not get home until really late and he has to get up so early that he has a hard day the day after.

This weekend I think we are taking him to he Dallas Arboretum to see all the pumpkins and so I can practice taking pictures!!  I finished my photography class and I was sad to see it end, I am hoping to be able to take some more classes and now that it is so nice outside I want to go places and practice.  I am so excited to take pictures of my friends nieces, and that shoot is taking place next weekend.  I have gotten some props for this shoot because one is an infant so I have been doing a lot of research.  I made a tutu, got flowers, headbands, a hat, very pretty deep purple blanket, and some sheets for a back drops.  I am really hoping to get a lot of practice and for this to become more than a hobby, we will see what happens in the future and until then I will have fun with it!!

I am getting really excited because The Walk for Alzheimer's is coming fast!! I still need some donations to meet my goal and would appreciate any donation.  If I can get 25 people to donate $1 it would help me meet my goal.  We got shirts made and they turned out awesome!! Here is the Link to my page for donations.  If you donate $100 you will receive a free tshirt made by  Ton Tons Gifts.  You should go check her out she makes some awesome things!! She just made me a cute shirt and Bray a cute shirt.  Here they are:

Please feel free to spread the word about Alzheimer's and my blog.  Hoping to help raise awareness and make my family proud.  Thank you to everyone who is reading my blog!!  Feel free to leave comments and follow my blog, I would love to read other blogs so feel free to leave your link in my comments.  Have a great weekend!!

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