Monday, September 5, 2011

Mini Vacation!

I love it when we can go to Big Spring for the weekend and visit with Matt's parents because it is always nice to get away.  When we go it seems like it is a break from the real world because I do not have to worry about anything.  Last week was a great week because Matt's parents came in town and took Brayden back with them so we had a couple days without him.  It was such a crazy week with working and doctors appointments that it was so nice to be able to have a girls day on friday with some of my most awesome girl friends.

I first had to go to my endocrinologist appointment to get the results back from my lab work about my was not the news I wanted to hear.  My blood work had changed but not in the way that I had hoped.  I found out that I have Graves Disease (click here to read about it) and that leads to a hyper active thyroid so I am also hyperthyroid.  Good news is that it can be taken care of with medication or some type of radioactive iodine therapy.  The doctor said that I have a very mild case so that I should be able to take the medication for year and it should put it into "remission", if the medication does not work then I have to get that other treatment that he said will "kill it".  The only down side is that I could be allergic to the medication I have to be on and there are some pretty severe side effects.  This medication can cause liver damage and a really low white blood cell count which can cause me to get sick a lot and if I get sick I can get really sick.  If any of these things happen I would have to do the iodine therapy.  I know that many medications have side effects but this one has to followed closely with my doctor.  The funny thing is that when I went to go pick up my medication I ask the pharmacist what it was because I forgot to ask the doctor, and when she told me I just laughed.  I am on methimazole which is what cats take for there thyroid!!! Another good thing is that I am on the smallest dosage, one pill once daily and he said that when I get my blood work done again to see if the meds are helping that I might be able to go to every other day.  So I will start these meds tomorrow night or wednesday when I am with people in case I have a reaction to the medication which is likely because I am allergic to a lot of medications but at least I just generally get rashes and so not have a severe reaction.  I am happy to finally have a diagnosis because I knew that I have not been feeling right but it seemed like no one understood how I felt and chalked it up to being a mom and working.  Well....haha...I was right, there was something wrong!! Now that I am getting it treated I am hoping it start to feel better and can get back to normal.

Anywho!! After my appointment I went to lunch with Heather and Kim at Cozymels!! I ate way too much!! It was nice to be able to go out and be able to talk during lunch about what all was going on and just catching up with each other.  I did not have Bray kicking, yelling, and whining.  After lunch I went home to pack, rest, and clean up the house before going out to dinner.  I then met Justine and Dana at the mall and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  We had a great time chatting it up and being able to spend time together outside of work which is nice.  We had a great dinner with some red velvet cheesecake for dessert.  So.....I obviously have been slacking this last week with my weight watchers (I am back on track tomorrow)!!  After dinner we went to Claire's and Justine and I got our ears pierced again.  It is so funny because I was so nervous even though I already have three holes in each ear.  All in all it was not bad but my ears are still very tender but it does not help when Bray has hit them a couple times.  As you can tell I had a great friday thanks to my wonderful girl friends!!! It feels great to get out and have some ME time and I am hoping we can do it more often.

Saturday morning we got up and were on our way to Big Spring!! We got there and Bray was so excited to us but he was having such a great time with Grandma and Paw Paw.  We were able to just relax and spend quality time together.  Of course we got to drive around and see the animals.  Bray just loves seeing the cows, buffalo, llamas, emus, and horses.  He always wants to get out of the car and try to pet them  but this time we stayed in the car because they were so close to us.  I was able to practice my photography skills once again and if I do say so myself I took some great shots but I still need to do some editing.

Sorry guys but your stuck seeing my pictures!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy family time!! I am hoping to be able to blog more once school ends and we get into a routine.

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