Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Time!!

Last weekend we had so much fun going to the Arboretum, it was beautiful.  Bray was in love with all of the pumpkins everywhere!!  It was great because he could run around and play so he could get all of his energy out.  I got some great pictures that I will post at the end of my blog.  I also wanted to mention that I did reach my goal for my Alzheimer's walk but anyone is still able to donate so you can go to my last 2 posts and click on the link to donate.  I am so excited to do this walk with 2 of my friends, we got shirts made and they turned out so cute!! usual we have been pretty busy working and doing daily life things but this weekend is great because we are both off and we get to go to the pumpkin patch!! We are going to get up tomorrow and go then come back to watch Texas beat OU!! Go Texas!!  This coming week and weekend are going to be busy because Matts family is coming to town so that we can go to the State Fair.  I am excited to go and eat a Fletchers Corn Dog....and maybe I will eat some fried food.  Just not a lot like I did last year and got sick.    So it looks like we will be busy for the rest of the month!! I guess I need to start a list for Christmas shopping so that I can get started.

This is short but I hope to write back soon!! Here are some pictures from last weekend, hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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