Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hospital stay and a crazy 2 weeks!

Poor Bray has been sick off and on for the past month.  He was throwing up some nights which is very random and he also complained of a headache, so we decided to go to the doctor and have him checked out.  When we got there she said his throat was red and we would test for strep even though he did not have the normal symptoms.  Of course the test came back negative so they did blood work and ordered a CT scan of his head.  This really worried us because we knew they were looking for a tumor, mass, or swelling of his brain.  Luckily it all came back normal with just some swelling in his sinuses.  So forward to last thursday after soccer practice he started getting some allergies, coughing, stuffy nose, and watery eyes....that continued through friday but it was not bad at, normal for him.  Well friday night he was up at 10pm and coughed non-stop ALL night!!  We all had no sleep...at 6am Bray woke up for good and poor guy was miserable.  He was coughing still, having a hard time breathing and he was very fussy.  His pediatrician's office was closed saturday morning so we were trying to decide what to do because all the other places did not open until noon and we knew we could not wait that long.  I called mom and she got us in at her work at 9am!!  We met her there and immediately the dr new he was not doing very well and was concerned with him having pneumonia or bronchitis, he ordered chest x-rays and then ended up sending us to the ER for breathing treatments and possible IV fluids.  He was so wheezy and was straining to breath so they got us back right away (thankfully they were not busy), started his treatments for every 20 minutes and then gave him and IV to give fluids and IV meds.  After having I think 2 or 3 treatments they decided to admit him since his O2 stats were between 90 and 93.  His stats were good but at the lower end of good and they thought if he went home still wheezing that he might relapse or get worse.  So we got a room and they started doing his treatments every 2 hours and started him on another antibiotic and oral steroids.  It was a long day and night! We got no sleep and Bray was up all day and most of the night.  At around midnight they finally said he sounded good and was not wheezing anymore (he got around 10 total treatments while we were there).  We got released sunday around lunch time and he was sent home on a ton of meds and treatments 3 to 4 times a day.  I stayed home with him monday and today because he still not well, his cough sounds horrible and he gets tired so fast.  Mom took off tomorrow so he did not have to go to daycare all day, but he will go back on thursday and I am hoping he does well.

All of this has been really hard because he got so sick so fast that now I am a little paranoid.  We never really got a diagnosis of what he had/has so it scares me a little.  They think he could have asthma and it may just be seasonal but he is going to stay on his inhaler for a couple months and then we are also going to a follow up appointment with the dr that took care of him at the hospital.  As of right now we just monitor him and keep him calm with no running around going crazy.  His dr did say that he can play soccer for just a little bit on saturday since he had to miss his game last week and he was upset but he is not allowed to practice on thursday.  

So today has been a lazy day, we went to Walmart and bought his favorite movie "Move it Move it" (Madagascar), and some new Sponge Bob pj's.  Here is a cute picture of him with his doggies!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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