Monday, August 1, 2011

San Francisco!!

We had a blast in San Francisco!! Matts parents kept Brayden the whole week so we could have our first vacation with out him.  I thought that it was going to be really hard leaving him for a week but once I saw that he could have cared less that we left I felt better.  He always has such a great time with his Grandma and Grandpa that I should have known it would take him 3 days before he would wonder where we were. He asked about us and then went back to playing, that funny kid!!  So while in San Francisco we stayed with Matts older brother and Tim.  Let me tell you walking up like 4 flights of stairs with heavy luggage is a chore, I was sweating!!  They live on the two top levels of their building, it has a gorgeous view!!  The weather was great, warm during the day and very cool at night.  It was great to be able to just open the window when it was warm and it would cool the room down in like 5 minutes...why can't we have that weather now???  

Matts brother Jeff is a great tour guide, he took us any and every where you would want to go when you visit.  We went to Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey, Carmel, Alcatraz, Berkley, Union Square, Cable Cars, Ghirardelli, Lombard Street, Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Bridge.....I know we did a lot more but I just cannot think of everything this late at  It was such a great experience and to see how people live in the big city.  It really amazed me to see so many homeless people on the streets.  They were all just laying on the sidewalks, sleeping, pushing their carts, etc.  It made me realize that I am very lucky to have the life I do and to not take anything for granted because I could have it a lot worse.  It did make me laugh some of the ways people try to make money on the streets; there was a guy just standing on a milk crate holding out a cup pretending he was a statue but the only problem with that was he could not stand still.  Then there was another guy who sits in the middle of the sidewalk hiding behind tree branches so when people walk by him he moves the branches and scares you.  It is kind of funny because there are no trees near that area yet people get spooked by him.  I was laughing so hard I was crying. Here is a picture of him, it is not a good picture because we were across the street and it was busy with people walking every where.  

There was also a lot of shopping there!! We went a little crazy and almost had no room to pack everything that we bought.  Speaking of luggage, it is crazy how expensive it is to check it!! They wanted us to pay $100 more dollars because Matt's bag was 4 pounds over the limit.  Luckily they let us transfer some items to my bag, that was interesting to do in the middle of the airport!  Anywho...we did a lot of walking which was great since we ate a lot, especially some chocolate.  I also got car sick because we did so much driving, but it was worth it.  This place is so gorgeous!! I would love to go back some day!

My favorite parts were; shopping (got a Coach purse for $75!!), Alcatraz, spending time with Matt and his family, going to the Bars his brother owns, seeing the city, the Aquarium in Monterey...too much to list!  I know there is a lot more that I did and experienced but this is just a short recap so I do not bore you!! lol!! Now here are some pictures of my vacation!!

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