Saturday, August 2, 2014

Life Changes!!

We have had a major life change!! I am excited to announce that my blog title is finally true again! My husband got a high school coaching job and we are moving!! We are so excited for this change but I know it will take some time to adjust.  I feel like everything has happened for a reason because everything seems to be perfectly falling into place.  It is stressful but it could be worse if things were not going the way they are. I am sad to leave everything I have ever known, my friends, and my family but I know we will visit often and we will all keep in touch.  It is like a new journey that we will be on which is exciting to go from the city to the country.  Life will be more laid back and not so crazy with the hustle and bustle of city living.  Don't get me wrong life will be crazy with work, Matt coaching and  never being home, and Bray starting kindergarten....but we will be by Matts parents and some of his family so everything will work out.

I am hoping to blog more and share the crazy life of being a coach's wife.  Plus I am now a beachbody coach after deciding to take control and get in better shape.  Living a healthier lifestyle is my goal so I have a facebook page that follows my journey and I also have my own beachbody website.  Feel free to follow me on facebook and check out my website!

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