Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life's Changes....

Life has so many changes and this year has been filled with them.  My blog title really doesn't fit our life at this time...unfortunately Matt is not coaching at all this year and it sucks. I am not going into all the detail because we are still appealing it but it came as a surprise and it should not have happened.  He loves coaching and thats what his passion is so I feel bad, but there is a good that came out of it...He is actually home at normal hours!!  Bray is absolutely loving his daddie time he gets.  He got spoiled this summer with him being home and getting stay with his Grammie, Paw Paw, and Grandma.  It has been a stressful year with Matt losing his coaching position and having back surgery during the summer.  He was laid up practically all summer but we had tons of family time which was awesome!!! 

 I also got new hours at work which puts me home earlier and cut some hours.  I am hoping this will help me be less stressed and have more time for fun things in life.  I have been in a "funk" lately and I really need to find a way out and I think I am doing that.  I have so many crafting ideas, sewing projects, and maybe a new business adventure that is making me have a more positive outlook for the future.  Sometimes you have to take chances and I am ready to take them!!  I have a very supportive family and friends!!!  Hoping this adventure we are about to take will be fun and a way to make some extra money.  I will blog more about the adventure as it happens at a later time.

There are so many things happening or that have happened I just have not had the time or felt like blogging.  I am going to change that because last year when I was blogging it made me feel so much better...it is like a way for me to get everything out even if no one reads it...lol.  Bray has been getting so big!  We are working on potty training and he does really well except at night time and if he gets too busy.   He will finally go potty in public, all it took was Grandma to get him to do it.  He would go to daycare and hold it all day, thats almost 12 hours and it was making him sick.  He is working on counting and his alphabet, he is obsessed with being a fireman, he loves to play with cars and has a million hot wheels, he pretends to take your order then fixes your food, he loves his dog Zoie but not Tuffy because he is mean, he loves to draw and pretend to write.   He is one awesome little boy and I love him so much, I could not imagine life without him.  He does have a temper but he is only 3 and I know he has so much more to learn.  

So...this weekend is the Walk for Alzheimer's and this year we have a team and we raised $1,000 this year and I am so proud. I am so excited for the walk, last year Justine and I had a blast and I cannot wait to share this experience with more friends and family! We got shirts made again this year and I will post pictures next week or this weekend if I have time.  I just made Bray his own shirt today that says "Stop Alz!".  Another cool thing is that next weekend I am going to my Grandpas 100th birthday!! How exciting is that!!??? He was bound and determined to make it to 100 and he did!! Im excited because my mom and I are going so its like a little girls trip...even though we already had a girls trip this year which was the best thing ever!! Justine, her mom, my mom, and I went to Galveston and had the best time, we have decided to do it every year.

Anywho....now that I have rambled on and on I gotta go get some lunch for Bray and I.  Plus I think I may have gotten some good news!! We will see!!     

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